Consultation Session

A 60 minute session to help you get some clarity, some brainstorming, some counselling, some relaxation

In this Session - 

  • You can discuss with me about a particular situation that's bothering you, at work or home

  • You can discuss about any challenge that you've been dealing with

  • You can talk to me about making a decision

  • You can discuss if you're feeling stuck in your life somewhere

  • You can discuss about your personal growth

  • You can get a breath-work and/or visualization session if you just want to relax and unwind


Hey You, 


Some clarity is always better than confusion and frustration. This 60 minute session will help give you that clarity and help you relax. 

My sessions are a mix of Positive Psychology, REBT/SFT, Mindfulness Techniques. 

Ideally I work with a client for a month which includes 5 sessions. Our Session will take place via Google Meet, WhatsApp Video or Phone Call.

₹1800/per session

₹12,000/8 - Sessions Bundle

₹16,000/12 - Sessions Bundle