Hi :) If you'd like to work with me but have questions, these are the most common questions I'm asked

The program

How is the program different from the session?

In my expereince working in a full program can help you stay committed and determined to work on your self. I offer whatsapp support in-between sessions which can be helpful if you need to really fall back on some serious support. The growth is towards a specific goal (of sorts) which can help in understanding your progress.

Do you offer Installments?

Sorry, as of now I don't offer any installments for the program. Payments need to be made in full and before you get started.

Is the time-frame enough

Honestly, I can't answer that for you nor do I provide any promises about the time-frame. Clients usually renew their packages if they feel they'd like to work with me longer. Sometimes clients renew because they like to have constant guidance and support. But ideally, 03 months time is a good time-frame to see necessary changes in oneself. Atleast in case of heavy stagnation and feeling lost or lack of support.

What if I don't have an issue but want to improve myself, can I work with you?

Absolutely! You do not need to be in extreme crisis in order to work with me. I work with women who are simply looking to get simple advice and guidance. The sessions are bespoke therefore, you can absolutely work with me just to stay in alignment or more centered.

Post program can I choose single sessions?

Yes. If you don't want to commit full time again, you can choose to work with me by opting single sessions based on your requirements.

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I'm Nikita
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