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Healing Room

Wellness and Healing services for the Mind, Body and, Soul

The mind, body and soul are not separate entities. When we experience discomfort in one area, the other areas are affected just the same. Our mind, body and our soul need to be in alignment so we can heal, get unstuck, feel healthy, grounded and balanced. We need to pay attention to our Emotional, Mental, Physical, Spiritual and Creative bodies to be able to live a peaceful life enriched with love, joy, prosperity, nurturing and abundance. 

In my opinion, healing can happen using any approach that works best for you in that moment based on your belief and comfort. I personally offer services that can help balance the mind, body and soul using the most simple and effective approaches. 

Allow yourself to go inward to release all the suppressed emotions, feelings and thoughts you've been carrying since a long time

the Offerings

All the offerings are one-on-one and virtual. So you can show up for the session from the comfort of your home. The sessions are bespoke and tailored keeping your needs and requirement in mind. 

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60 Minute 1:1 Online

Counselling & Coaching

If there's something that's weighing you down, if there's something that's making you feel as if you're stuck in a loop, or if you're hurt and in pain and need to talk and vent and make sense of things, need a fresh perspective on a particular topic, pattern or challenge, schedule this 60-minute online Counselling & Consulting session. 

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1:1 Writing Meditation

Heal via Journaling

Taking a minute of your time, putting down pen to paper, and pouring your thoughts and feelings onto that piece of paper can truly be very liberating. These 30 - 60 minutes, (whatever you choose) will help you relax, get clarity and help you stay grounded and help you heal from unhealed wounds. 

Image by Jen Theodore

1:1 60 Minute Online and Distance

Intuitive Tarot Reading

Tarot is a great tool for personal growth and to receive clarity. If you feel you're stuck and unable to make sense of something an online or distance reading will help give you clarity, direction and guidance into your situation. It will help you become aware of suppressed patterns and emotions that could be creating blockages or holding you back. 

Image by Ester Marie Doysabas

1:1 Meditation Session

Visualization, EFT, & Breathwork

Visualization, EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), and Breathwork have miraculous effects on the mind, body, and soul. It can help you open up safely and help you overcome any blockages that could be keeping you stuck and causing discomfort. 

A combination of these three methods can help give mental clarity, emotional stability, and spiritual balance. 

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