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Divya – Tamara


My name is Divya Ganesh. I am the owner of Tamara, a curated lifestyle boutique newly launched in T. Nagar behind Natesan Park. Tamara, attempts to solve a particular problem – a dearth of boutiques in Chennai offering chic designer products at an affordable price point. I spent the last half year scouting around the country, meeting designers, and forging partnerships for Tamara. I wanted to create a platform for urban designers struggling to showcase their products under one roof at the core of Chennai’s retail hub. A group of fantastic young urban talent with a pedigree of the country’s best design and fashion schools is all available at Tamara.

Being an entrepreneur has always been my dream. However just being an entrepreneur would not satisfy my hunger for achievement. I wished and really wanted to make a difference. Hence I decide to create a platform to help upcoming urban designers, struggling to sell their products on online forums and at exhibitions. I created a retail space at the core of buzzing T. Nagar. Now they can sit back and focus on creating and innovating, while we take care of branding, sales, promotions etc.,

It was not easy to start this venture. Giving up my well paid corporate job to take a risk like this came across as madness to many. However people from my closest knit knew I would not rest without tasting success and supported me.

My dream, what now is a reality, inspired me. It kept coming in visual flashes throughout and guided me and motivated me to do this. Being in the textile industry is quite challenge. There is a new boutique popping up every day on every street. To compete with branding and innovation and ever changing fashion trend is quite a task. With the online shopping craze, it is very difficult to get someone to walk-in to the store. Only your products have the capacity to bring people to the store and keep bringing them back. Also, being a woman, you don’t get taken seriously in India. Be it government officials, bank officials it takes additional effort to convince them that you are here and ready for the game!

I am 24, I have many mountains to climb. Tamara is just a beginning. I remember less than a year ago, I woke up one morning and told my husband that I want to start my own business, and create a platform for upcoming designers. Now it is a reality. I feel dreams are a medium that allows the almighty to communicate to you, and guide you in achieving what you were born to do in the world.

Many talk of uplifting weavers, designers and always tend to take their vision to rural. But we have to realise there are so many talented urban designers, creators, innovators, stuck in their corporate dungeons without the right platform to showcase their art. Tamara right now has collaborated with over 20 urban designers across clothing, accessories, jewellery, home decor, and sleep-wear. We are looking to house many more such talented designers and showcase them to the world.

The next time you are in Chennai, be sure to stop by and take a look at our collection, or just stop in to say hey!

Address –

28, Crescent Park Street,

T Nagar, (Behind Natesan Park),

India, Chennai – 600017

Facebook link:

Instagram link:

Hakkuna Matata,

Divya Ganesh

Founder & owner – “Tamara – Curated Lifestyle Store”

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