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How to appreciate Slow Progress - 5 Points to remember

Do you know why most people tend to quit and tend to get frustrated within just a few days of their journey? Because they want results too soon, too quickly. They don’t usually believe in embracing the progress but achieving the goals. While there’s nothing wrong in having this kind of thinking and attitude toward life, it can sometimes rob you of observing and experiencing life from a different point of view in my opinion.

I’ve been rooting for peace and quiet all my life. I was a quiet child, teen and even today, I appreciate a slow living lifestyle instead of the day to day hustle. Having said that I do understand how frustrating it can get when you’re hoping for something to happen only at a faster speed.

I’ve never really connected with competition and busyness of life, in fact my business and services also evolve around helping people overcome overwhelm, anxiety and stress. I don’t believe that if we’re not running and hustling all the time, we may never achieve all that we want. Everyday hustle is not only stressful but extremely unnecessary in my opinion. Sometimes, life just passes by and we miss out on the opportunity to appreciate it while we’re busy running.

When I work with women on their current challenges and goals, I make sure to let them know that the one thing I don’t promise is a fast and overnight growth and success. I Understand how stressful it gets when you put so much pressure on yourself and your life. It almost feels suffocating and claustrophobic.

Whether it’s a personal challenge or a goal, if you’d like to appreciate slow progress in your life remember these 5 points.

  1. Look for Small Changes – In the beginning you may not see big changes. They’ll arrive in small bits and as you keep Appreciating those, you’ll slowly see the big changes.

  2. Be Confident with making Mistakes – It’s not the norm, but odds are you will make several mistakes. It’s in the nature of creating something. Try to see mistakes from a different point of view.

  3. Focus on the Big Picture – Even if your day to day doesn’t appear to be fast moving, there’s a daily progress. Focus on the end goal you’ve sent for yourself in your mind. Your Purpose!

  4. Take it one day at a time – Keeping the big picture in mind focus on tasks that you currently need to deal with. Focus on the challenges you face right now. They’ll take you towards your goal.

  5. Express your emotions with ease – It’s going to be a tricky journey and you’re going to get emotional along the way. Don’t bottle it up, instead express them along the way in a healthy manner.

This new approach towards life maybe extremely difficult and weird for you to follow but I’d like to encourage you to give it a shot. With these 5 points challenge yourself for 30 days and see how it makes you feel in your goals, your day to day living and other areas of your life. This approach will work wonders for you especially if you’re someone who worries way too much and no matter how much work you do, don’t see the results you want.

Share your experience with me. I’d love to know!





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