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Nanditha Kurumbaiah

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My name is Nanditha Kurumbaiah. I am the founder of “Hand Crafted with love” — Handmade products for all your home decor needs. A whole range of products for home decor using the art of decoupage. The products range from coasters to wall plates to trays, tissue boxes and more.

Q – Was it your dream to become and entrepreneur?

Not actually. I started my journey from what I love doing the best that’s crafts and I slowly discovered what I actually wanted to do and hopefully one day I achieve big.

Q – Please tell us about “Hand crafted with love”

I make decoupage products.I started off with quilling and decided to broaden my creative space and discovered Paper Decoupage in the process. My products include ornamental plates (hangers and table tops), Trays, Tissue Boxes, Jewelry box etc. I take orders through my personal and product Facebook/ Instagram accounts and all products are made to order. Price range are between Rs 400-2000

Q – How did you come up with the name ?

All my products are handcrafted with loads of passion, patience and love that’s how I came up with the name.

Q – Please tell us about your milestone journey, the hurdles etc?

Journey so far is been good and I have been doing it for 2 years now. Some of the hurdles have been to source raw material and deliver to customer on time. Sometimes you get Clients who do not understand your work and expect delivery in a day or two. It becomes especially difficult if they have approached you after seeing your work on social media. In such cases communication becomes very important as there is no personal relation with the Client.

Q – How is Hand crafted with love different from the other brands available ?

Its very reasonable to buy and its classy

Q – How would you describe your journey with “Hand crafted with love” so far?

Its been wonderful 2 years now and I’m planning to expand my brand and will be starting with decoupaged furniture soon.

Q- What was the best and the worst advice you faced when you began your journey?

Everybody told me to just follow what I wanted to do.

Q – If someone inspired by your story wanted a piece of advice from you what would you tell them?

Just follow your dreams and enjoy what you do.

Q - Do you believe in Dreams ?

Yes.. since I followed my dreams I have come such a long way & have received so much of love for my work.

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