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How to take the first step despite feeling anxious?

Hey there Welcome to episode 3. Before I start today’s episode I want to thank you guys so much for being so supportive of this podcast and your response has really motivated me so so much. I’ve already got a list of things I want to record next and I can’t wait to share that with you.

If you’re new here. Hi, I’m Nikita Vyas. I’m a psychologist and a Mindset coach. I work with Creatives and Introverted women by helping them become more confident, prevent burnout, bring out the best version of themselves and their creativity.

Today’s podcast or whenever you listen to it is about taking the first step

Whether you’re starting something new like a new work out, a new job, a new business it can be extremely scary. The thought of starting something new means we’ll have to do something we haven’t done before or do everything all over again. Repeat the entire process, going in without any kind of certainty, dealing with the same emotions, new emotions, working hard on it. The negative thoughts that come along.

You know a few months ago, I had a free productivity session for women. People who had an issue with getting started these sessions for reasons such as –

“What if I fail?”

“This is going to take a lot of time and effort, I’m not ready for this”

“Maybe I need more time and training”

“Maybe I’m not as creative and smart as I think I am”

“This is going to fail”

“Nobody will want to buy/see/listen/approach for what I’m doing”

“who am I kidding”

“I can’t do it alone” and much more…

From my personal experience and from working with women once had these fears and who now thrive in their field, it is totally normal to get the jitters when you start something new. Most women have told me that the jitters only confirm how serious they are for this endeavour and how important it is for them. Taking this feeling as a positive sign and they just dive into it. What a mindset right?

But hey There’s no blue print for what steps to take to get started. It totally depends from person to person. Some people need a boost of confidence, some people need a way to be more organized, some people simply need to shut them from the noise around them and get started.

Your immediate first step doesn’t have to be your only step or the perfect step. Speaking from experience, I write at-least 2/3 drafts before I actually feel okay about any article, I put up only blog. I have deleted various ideas and designs for my digital courses after nearly finishing them just because I didn’t like the way they turned out. And you know what that’s okay. Your first step may not be perfect or ideal but you’ll never know till you try it.

Before I took my first step towards blogging/coaching/podcasting/instagramming

1. I was excited in my body but I was extremely nervous to put my work out there.

2. I kept postponing my first article or episode and worked on something totally different.

3. I kept tweaking and getting it just right

4. I focused a lot on what others may think about it before even putting my work out there.

5. I considered quitting many times.

Can you relate to either of these?


I think what really got me to take that first step after a lot of back and forth was some internal mentoring which said something like,

1. It’s okay if you fail

2. It’s not for people or to prove to anyone but about you

3. What if you succeed in doing this?

4. Don’t worry about getting it right, you’ll learn along the way

So, one day I woke up and without thinking too much about it, went for it.

What I realized after I started was that, I had to learn a lot anyway. I was making mistakes and things didn’t go as planned and there wasn’t a right pathway but I realized this is how it usually goes and this is how most people learn and grow anyway.

I listen to a lot of people tell me they want to be totally prepared before they get started and they want to train before they actually set foot. Which isn’t wrong but honestly you can’t prepare for everything before you actually dive into it. I worked with someone once who kept saying she wanted to learn about her style before she actually started working. Naturally it didn’t work that way and she eventually found the courage to take the step and after about a year of patiently working at it, she’s now found her own style.

You see? There is no blue print. I want to conclude today’s episode by saying that it’s okay to worry and be nervous about the first step. But take it anyway.

Here’s what I want you to do, pause this audio and grab a journal and a pen.

Ready? Kay, so pen down this question,

Journal Prompts -

“What am I expecting from this new journey?”

“How am I feeling right now?”

“How will I feel after I take the step?”

“What are the possible setbacks that might go through?”

After you’ve answered these questions, ask yourself this last question, “Am I now ready to take the first step?” Answer these questions as patiently and honestly as you can. Relax you shoulders, breathe and don’t worry if you don’t get the answers right away. Take some time.

Repeat journaling these till you feel comfortable. Then go ahead and take your first step.

Hope you liked today’s episode. Hope it inspired you in someway to take the first step you’ve been putting away. If this episode inspires you and if you happen to take that first step write to me about your experience.

Can’t wait to hear from you.

Thank you for stopping by.

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