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Rachel Eapen


I am Rachel Eapen, based in Oman… I am a décor enthusiast and influencer who loves everything that is creative and beautiful. I am a management professional who used to work in a leading MNC in Bangalore for a couple of years. I am a stay-at-home mom now, a self-taught budding artist and an occasional freelance writer. For the past 5 years I started my journey as a lifestyle blogger where my love for global décor, interiors, art, travel, food and crafts are reflected in my blog. My journey and interaction with other design enthusiasts in the blogosphere has made me rediscover myself. And I have made my blog as a platform to inspire my readers and spread happiness and beauty.

Q- What is your blog about?

When I discovered my passion for interiors and décor, I had to document and archive somewhere for me and in return spread this inspiration to everyone else. Tickled by Inspirations is a lifestyle blog where I share my interests in photography, art, global home décor, travelling, my culinary adventures and recipes, DIYs and interiors. It’s also a platform to showcase new talent who needed that extra push ….and to the established ones to spread word across.

Q- Blogging is now more than a just hobby, how would you describe your journey as a full time blogger?

As I blogged I started discovering my creative side…. And my blog kept it alive. I ventured into painting, started experimenting with my doodle drawings… Secondly I am more of a visual person and my passion for photography started improving considerably… my journey as a blogger helps me to dream and chase them because there is so much more to be done and my journey is good so far. And after being featured in many online magazines and other blogs, I have had the privilege to enjoy a good network of design and décor lovers from all around the world, thanks to social media. My blog journey has been fulfilling so far and still evolving.

Q- Was to blog a dream?

No… never… blogging just happened by accident… I used to read a lot of blogs Like Design Sponge, Apartment Therapy, An Indian Summer and many others… but never saw myself as a blogger!

Q- What makes your blog different and unique from many similar blogs?

A blog always reflects the blogger’s or author’s tastes, preferences and thoughts. Therefore each blog is different and unique. My blog has a blend of ethnic and middle-eastern touch when it comes to décor, art, interiors, beautiful home tours, glimpses of my home and food. And most of my posts are topped up with beautiful pictures.

Q- Being a full time blogger what is the biggest hurdle that you face?

The only hurdle that I face so far is consistency… There are times when I haven’t been consistent with my posts as I should be, wishing I had more than 24hours a day to keep up… It’s harder especially when you take photographs yourself and you need to do your bit of editing as well before publishing. And it is hard at times when you are a fulltime home maker juggling with a lot of things… But it’s not impossible… it’s all about striking the right balance and discipline from my side.

Q- Can one really rely on blogging as a full time career? Could you shed some light on the process?

Yes you can. If you are looking from a monetary aspect you need clients to advertise in your page and have sponsors. So far Tickled by Inspirations is ad-free but I have had sponsors on and off in between. But I am looking at opportunities in this aspect in the near future. Meanwhile I am just reaping my rewards by the constant exchange of inspirations with my readers and design community.

Q- The best and the worst advice you received when you decide to commit to your blog?

To be honest I didn’t ask anyone for advice. Blogging just happened for me out of the blue. But of course I did my bit of research and homework before committing to my blog by reading other blogger’s experiences.

Q- What inspires you to blog?

I am always inspired by capturing everyday moments and beauty around me through my camera, journaling and my interaction with different artists from different fields. And doing everything at my own pace keeps my creative passion going. I love what I do and the fact that my blog can inspire and empower others is what keeps me going. And the emails I receive are brilliant examples that I have reached out to those who share my passion and I have learned a lot from my readers and from my network of décor lovers!

Q- Is there something you wish to change/add to your blog?

There is absolutely nothing that I want to change or add in my blog. I do change the layout and design of my blog once in a while but otherwise I am content with my blog.

Q- How would you inspire or address to those who would like to attempt at blogging after reading your journey?

Just be yourself and blog about something that you are truly passionate about. Remember you need to love what you are doing. Be true to yourself and to your readers. And enjoy your journey!

Q- Do you believe in dreams?

Yes, Absolutely…. Dreams are what keep us all going and keeps us alive!

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