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Susan – A Sunny Disposition


Susan – Bag maker @ A Sunny Disposition

Hi, I am Susan. I am an architect by profession but a seamstress by passion. A Sunny Disposition was born in 2010 out of my love for sewing and my obsession for handbags. The architect in me stirs me on when it come to colour, proportions and styling while I work on my bags. I am based now in Bangalore. I run my tiny little business from my home studio, with my maid helping me out for a few hours a day and my 5 year old being a self proclaimed Quality controller.

Q – Please tell us about your work A love for sewing turned into an obsession for designing and creating handbags, wallets and clutches. All my bags are made by me and my maid with a lot of love, from start to finish.

Q – Was it your dream to choose this profession?


Q – Tell us a little about your Educational Background.

By profession I am an architect. After a couple of years practicing, and relocating countries where I couldnt work, I had to look at other creative outlets. From the first stitch I took in a borrowed sewing machine where I learnt how to sew, I was addicted. There is something magical about when a bolt of fabric and a spool of thread come together to create something so different and beautiful.

Q – Please tell us about your work a bit.

All stages of the bag making is in-house. From hunting for beautiful prints in the fabric markets of Bangalore to designing the bags. Cutting the patterns, to sewing them up. Photographing, marketing and finally dispatching. I enjoy every step of it 🙂

Q – Who/What was your inspiration?

Inspiration comes from all over. But mostly from other woman who work for themselves. Their persistence makes me want to do better.

Q – Please tell us about the hurdles and challenges you faced along the way?

Moving back from the US and starting over in India was challenging. Sourcing all the raw materials involved in bag making is pretty seamless while in the US. But quite a different ball game here in India. But after a zillion tests and prototyping- going to crowded, dingy markets and realizing they aren’t as scary as it looks and finding everything I need and then some was quite exciting.

Q – How is your work/business different from the others?

I work a lot on custom bags. So when you see a bag style that you like on my website, but want it in a fabric that better describes you, simply drop me a line to show you all fabric options in my stash that would be perfect for you. Custom bespoke handbags arent around in India and I take pride in being able to provide smart fashion conscious woman that option. Shopping for a lot of women, are a personal experience. They spend a lot of time picking something that reflects their style and taste. What annoys them after said process is seeing 10 other random women carrying the same thing. Cos we like to feel special. Catering to that sentiment- my bags are limited edition peices. 2-3 bags in each fabric choice is only available. Every couple of months, I launch collections and series, if you prefer to pick a bag straight of the site. For those of us who love great taste but dont have the time to sit and wait for a bag to be made for them.

Q – What was the best advice you received when you began your journey?

Being a small home run business that is run entirely by me, one of the ugly demons that used to rear its head was comparison. One of the best advises I have received has been to not compare someone s outside to your insides. So whatever I see on social media, has become more about admiration and inspiration and not taking it as something that has any ill-effect on me, cos it really doesn’t. apart from the many hours of self torture I put myself thought.

Q – How has your journey been so far?


Q – What are your future plans with regards to work?

A sunny Disposition has grown in the last 7 years in a very organic manner. And I wish more of the same for it.

Q – What gets you out of bed in the morning?

The gorgeous fabrics in my stash ofcourse!!!

Q – What is your favourite quote?

“A cloudy day is no match for A Sunny Disposition”- William Arthur Ward

Q – When do you work best?


Q – Do you believe in Dreams?


Q – If you were to advice someone based on your career, what advice would you like to give? Being a creative entrepreneur is very very hard work. Do what you do cos you enjoy doing it, and not just for the money. Give yourself 7 years to train yourself in your field- to learn your craft and to run a creative business. Dont judge yourself or be hard on yourself or give up on your dream till you have put in the time.

Q – If you had to start all over again, how differently would you do it?

Trust myself a little more.


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