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Vidya Kamalesh


I am Vidya, a perpetual daydreamer from Bangalore, India. I enjoy dabbling with art, photography and writing apart from my daily dose of graphic design work and hankering after my cats.

I have been drawing (at least somewhat recognizable forms!) from the age of 2 and have been keen on exploring various artistic visualizations from my early childhood, starting with hand-painted painted cards to book illustrations to logos and brand identity design. I enjoy exploring alternative ways of visualizing ideas, like performance art and installation art in public spaces that can form exciting interfaces for communication.

Pursuing a career that has the possibility of entwining creativity and commerce seems to be like a beautiful struggle-a balancing act between managing resources, networks, timelines, finances, and other uncertainties coming with it, apart from keeping aside time to learn much further. But in many cases, as goes the cliché, it all seems to be a matter of time for things to settle in. I have been fortunate to have received encouragement and guidance from various mentors in school, college and otherwise, and to complete my formal studies in Fine Arts and Communication Design.

I am grateful to have always had art, music, books and photography a part of my daily household because of my parents. In fact, no matter how many times I look at it, I find it rather heart-warming to see my first drawing carefully and lovingly preserved by my parents for about 24 years now!

It was also wonderful spending time with books from an early age and discover Vincent Van Gogh and Paul Rand, who have remained inspirations from school times.

It has been immensely helpful for my art practice to be getting introduced to creative folks from various ages, places and cultural backgrounds and learn about what inspires their craft. It has also taken time for me to value the importance of travel breaks in between work, so as to be getting back with fresh ideas and new perspectives, and the fact that surrounding yourself with the right kind of people can spread an aura of infectious energy, strengthens you to create soulful artwork, and gives that distinct feeling of satisfaction. We are also in a very exciting phase of learning from interesting creative folks on many ubiquitous online platforms, apart from an excellent interface to showcase one’s own portfolio of projects and interests; this has personally given me chances to exhibit my art at various places from the heart of Bangalore to Romania. I would want to use art to for awareness and education to give back to the society, and I am keen on more travel breaks this year to see for myself the fluidity in design language and intangible heritage that other places have to offer.

With the advent in technology, it excites me to see what the coming years hold for art and design. It is also overwhelming to see a teeming number of tremendously talented artists, writers, photographers and others in various creative pursuits, a feeling that can inspire as well as challenge.

On a more personal front, art has been of remarkable therapeutic benefit during many rough phases of my life as well. With this, I do believe in dreams and in chasing them while not dreaming! I hope that we all can adapt our daily lives to make little time frequently for the things we love to do, it could be anything from reading books to trying out new recipes to poetry and art, and experience the difference that such small acts can bring into our day.

Instagram: @vidyakamalesh

Twitter: @VidyaKamalesh

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