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Tarot Reading - Distance

Tarot Reading - Distance


Something going on in your mind that needs clarity? Do you have a specific question that you'd like to understand and make sense of? Whether it is your personal or professional life, in this reading you can ask me one particular question that you need answers for. 


Cards and Spreads - Based on the spread/reading you choose, I will intuitively pull the cards based on the energy of your question. I will do the reading based on your questions. 


Question - You can ask your question in the best way that you can, however, I will modify the way I ask the question if I feel that the question needs to be asked in a particular way so you can get better answers for your situation. 


Please choose the spread you think you need at the moment. 

Please keep the question limited to you. You can't ask on behalf of anyone. 


Upon purchasing the reading you can email me your question and query regarding your situation. 

Due to the nature of this service, all sales are final 

Please leave the right email and phone number during payment - that will be the point of contact. 

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