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Heal via Journaling - A Writing Meditation

Heal via Journaling - A Writing Meditation


Taking a minute of your time, putting down pen to paper, and pouring your thoughts and feelings onto that piece of paper can truly be very liberating.


Journaling has been like a balm to a lot of people on many occasions.  I truly believe in journaling and the impact it has on our lives. Journaling is like meditation and mindfulness where we can slow down and allow ourselves to unwind and we can seek answers that are buried deep within us and even heal wounds that are unhealed. 


In a world full of chaos, confusion, and noise these 30 - 60 minutes, (whatever you choose) will help you relax, get clarity and help you stay grounded and help you heal from unhealed wounds. 

Upon purchase, we'll get on a call to schedule a session.

In this call, you tell me your story. Tell me what is bothering you right now. Where do you feel stuck?

Based on our call, I will create journal prompts for you which we'll get started on during the session. There is no rule for the journal prompts, anytime during the session you can continue with free writing. Having journal prompts can help give us an outline of the session. 

Post your journaling, we'll talk about your experience and your current state of mind. We'll close the session with a simple visualization. 

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