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Tarot consulting

Get clarity, understand your blockages and your mindset beliefs and patterns through Tarot and Intuition card Reading

The Readings

I don't predict but read cards as a way to understand obstacles, deep rooted emotions, confused thoughts, thought patterns that you maybe going through in a situation. Get a reading done based on your current need for clarity and the situation. You'll learn about your thought patterns, your emotions/feelings, ideas, obstacles and so much more in your professional and personal life. You'll also receive consulting/counselling based on your requirements. 

The 60 minute Session

The sessions aim to help you feel confident, productive and bring a balance in your personal and professional life so you can achieve all that you want and need without being burdened by challenges and things that keep you in the past. In this approach we'll connect for a 60 minute session. Based on your need you'll receive a 60 minute reading + a consult/counsel from me. 

₹1650/45 - 60 Minute Session

Our session will take place over a phone call

₹1800/45 - 60 Minute Session

If you're a resident of Chennai and would like to meet for the session


hey there,


I'm a Mindset Psychologist and have been practicing Tarot reading for over 10 years. I've personally reaped the benefits of the cards and they way they help in understanding our mindset to give us the answers that help in our progress. 


I'm someone who didn't believe in cards or predictions in general. But tarot reading with Nikita is less of prediction and more of projections of our mindset. She was able to pinpoint what might be the roadblocks or things that hold me back accurately. She, didn't do just the reading but also gave me a way to think over and find clarity. Nikita is very good at streamlining thoughts and help you gain an understanding on your thoughts. I really loved the session and the way it helped me hold my ground.