Relaxation Session

60 Minute session to help you relax and let go of the stress, anxious thoughts, worry, overthinking, feelings and thoughts that tend to hold you back and exhaust you

In this Session - 

Using the Visualization and Breath-work technique, you'll be able to relax and calm your nerves. This session can be useful for you if - 

  • You tend to worry easily

  • You feel helpless easily

  • You experience anger and frustration more than usual

  • You're always overthinking

  • You Experience burnout

  • You're Dealing with emotional pain 

  • You Can't seem to focus on your goal


Stress, pain and moments of frustration are inevitable. There's no way to get rid of them, what can be done is to navigate through your moments of chaos. 

Breath-work and visualization sessions have proven to be helpful in relaxation and focus. My sessions aim to help you relax so you can deal with the challenges without feeling overwhelmed and helpless. 

Ideally I work with a client for a month which include 5 session. Our session will take place via google meet, WhatApp Video call or phone call. 

₹1800/per session

₹12,000/8 - Sessions Bundle

₹16,000/12 - Sessions Bundle