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60-minute Counselling via

Tarot Reading

Heylo there, if you're here to get clarity via Tarot Cards for yourself, welcome! Before you book this session I'd like to tell you a little about my approach and process, keep reading!

My Tarot session are unlike traditional predictions and readings. My readings are a blend of counselling and mindfulness techniques. In my experience cards usually help in understanding deep rooted thoughts and beliefs that we may otherwise be suppressing or not aware of. Instead of depending on the conventional meaning of the cards, I like to delve deep into the symbols, colours, and images that go beyond the surface-level. 

In the session, I use various tarot and oracle cards, based on how the reading proceeds I also use EFT (Emotional freedom technique) and breathwork that helps to process certain emotions and feelings while building a connect between mind and body. 
I also include talk therapy as if helps to uncover a lot of unresolved questions. 

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The Readings

Tarot Readings can help you understand the blockages you've been facing and help you understand the mindset that can help you overcome any challenges, stagnation, confusion and chaos you feel surrounded by. I truly believe that your mindset plays a very important role in your life and you attract the best of what you desire and deserve. Nothing is set in stone and you do have the power to change your destiny, Tarot cards will help you understand the patterns, beliefs, and emotions that keep you stuck and once you become aware of the mindset you need to adopt, you can see miracles in your life. 


The question isn't 'when will it happen' or 'will it happen' but, 'what can I do to receive it in the best way possible' or 'what will help me overcome this challenge' or 'how can I make this happen in the best way possible'

Get clarity and answers for your

career and business

Get clarity and answers for your

relationships and connections

Get clarity and answers for your

personal growth

Book your Slot

In this session we'll try to get clarity and understand your situation with the help of cards. It's okay if you are new to this and not sure of what questions to ask, we can brainstorm based on what you need clarity on. Since I blend Counselling and Tarot together, some of the tips, advice and follow through approaches will be based accordingly. 

- 60 minute Session

- You can prepare the questions you wish to ask, however please note that I cannot promise to answer all of them in the given time limit. 

- Online Session via Google Meet 

- If you choose to cancel for any reason, no refunds or returns once you've made the payment.

- For any further questions or doubts please feel free to reach out to me at -

the exchange for a one-on-one 60 minute session is 


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