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Kind Words

Success Stories of incredible women I've worked with

I've had the opportunity to work with some incredible women on their journey to self discovery and success. I work creatives, introverts and highly sensitive women become the best version of themselves. 

I had a lot of uncertainties regarding my life but the session gave me a clear picture regarding what needs to be focused currently and where to invest the energy. It felt as if I was sharing my problems with a friend. Nikita made me feel comfortable and gave me confidence. Also she showed me a path which will be favourable for my future endeavours. It was such a positive approach that I feel I will definitely consult her again and I know she will be there whenever I get stuck. She has been a blessing in disguise through this session. 


Nikita's approach is different and the way she untangled confused thoughts is good. It is casual but practical. She is good with the way she talks and explains There was a lot of takeaway from each session. I was able to accept and understand things that were holding me back. Professionally it helped me attract good work. I feel good about me. I never felt this way before. Always had self-doubt. My job is a tough one. I experience burnout soon. These sessions with Nikita helped me manage so nicely.


Whether it was tarot or now coaching I have asked you stupid questions and you've been so kind to answer them. Working with you was so much fun. We laugh and about other things also, like shows and books. I forgot how bad my situations was. Everything felt so light. It's so easy to talk to you. You didn't judge or advice unnecessarily and you didn't tell me to "move on". For that I love you. I enjoy and look forward to our sessions every time. Thanksss so much


When you asked me to write a review about the session I wondered how can I explain in words how you have helped me. But then when  you said  it may encourage someone to take a step, I remembered how I used to follow your page and see what other people are saying and what your thoughts where when it came to sessions. I was too conscious and ashamed of what had happened in my life And for almost 2-3 years I just suffered and suffered in unexplainable sorrow and self hatred. I wanted to talk to someone and feel safe and understood. Someone who can help me without being judgemental, someone who’s very comfortable to talk with and who’s not robotic or starts prescribing meds.
I remember I used to cry uncontrollably day and night. I couldn’t be happy even if I was trying to be happy. Everything just seemed stuck with a constant sadness and pain. The pain was so all consuming that I couldn’t think of anything else except for the fact that I felt as if I deserved it.
When I look back yesterday I realize this is the longest two weeks where I have been continuously happy in the past 3 years and all this was possible because of you Nikita. You helped me heal, you guided me to be nice to myself. Your sessions gave me the confidence where I could be myself and be actually happy about it.

So thank you Nikita. Taking your sessions for the three months have been the best decision of my life and I’m glad that I came across you profile when I needed it the most. May you grow into thousand folds and help as many people you can and may you achieve everything in your life the way you help other you achieve there own dreams.

Anusha, Interior Designer, Professor

I enrolled for the program with Nikita because I wanted to improve my relationship with people in my life. I worked with Nikita on my communication skills and my self-identity and confidence. I cant thank her enough. 

Nicole, Entrepreneur

Everything was fine in my life. But still something was empty within me. I lost motivation and felt negative. I came across this program and decided to give it a shot. Working on it was challenging but worth the experience. Glad I tried this program.

Meera, Artist

Overall the session was really good. Got some clarity on my confusion, moreover got some bonus tips/advice on self care on which I am surely going to work on. And the main thing about the session was I feel positive and much confidence at the end of the end of the session. 


You know you have helped me so much with your Instagram posts and stories :) And with your tarot reading you taught me how to be strong enough to let go and love yourself. More power to you. Keep me motivated. Spread Love. 


I lost hope and felt stuck. Every session helped me move and now I see the bright side of my situation. I'm slowly getting back to normalcy and have hope. Thanks Niki. 


I was taking regular medication for sleep and anxiety. I was very low on self-confidence. Meditation was not enough. Someone referred Nikita to me. I was very scared about this. Post the program I started consulting with her regularly. It helped me so much. I can now manage. Glad to meet Nikita.  

Kajal, Tarot Reader

I am an introvert and wanted to know more about myself. I also wanted to work on my self-confidence as i'm also insecure about me. I practice mindfulness and writing mindfulness was interesting. Nikita helped me overcome negativity about myself. I'm doing really well at work

Shreya, Illustrator

Feel relaxed and happy. A load has been lifted. It was very easy to talk to Nikita and let go of the past that I was holding onto. She is really good at what she does and is not pushy with the sessions.  

Akriti, Blogger

Dear Nikita, Thank you so much for such an empathetic session. The session was very synchronous with my feelings and dilemmas and thoughts. Also your note about writing down certain points about happiness and about fear was useful in clearly seeing the pros and cons. For me career, good companionship living in an engaging place is essential. I think I will have to take a call and work on it soon. Thanks so much for the wonderful words. Will keep them in mind and hold on to your words.  

Laya, Doctor

It was a very good decision I made to join this program. What I liked the most is that she related with personal experiences of hers and was truthful about how she crossed the same stage which I was currently facing when I joined the program. Every week she would follow up on call regarding our session which wasn’t even required from her end because I’m the one who needed the help and coaching from her. I really liked this personal approach of hers. She also mentioned truthfully that I wouldn’t be a changed person immediately, usually if you look at programs the main focus is that it says you become a changed person or an evolved person. But, she was very honest enough in saying that this wouldn’t happen immediately and that change is a slow process. This is quite rare to find in somebody. 

I loved every week of the sessions and in fact looking forward to it. The six weeks has been amazing. I aspire to work on the worksheets and the tips which she has given me on how to work on my procrastination. 

I highly recommend this program for procrastinators. It’s worth all the money you spend. 

Khatija, Singer

I worked with Nikita on my procrastination and the changes that I've seen after this program are truly amazing. It's not as tough as it used to be. It also changed my relationship with those around me. 

Best part - We worked through a cafe!

I highly recommend this service for procrastinators


I've had problems with procrastination since a very long time. I was really messed up and came across Nikita's program. I wasn't sure at first but decided to give it a shot. She was so amazing and honest and I connected with her really well. It takes a lot of practice and post program its been a challenge but Nikita gave me a roadmap and it's easier now. I handle so much more and get things done in time.


I'm feeling so happy and shocked for what I am today. Years ago I just had a dream and today I'm living my dream, this wouldn't have been possible without Nikita's guidance and constant support. My heart-felt gratitude!

Megha, Nutritionist

I try to see things differently now. It makes me feel relaxed and comfortable with me and my life. I'm so glad I went for this program. Each session was so effective and easy to follow.

Payal, Marketting

I learnt to let go of the unpleasant memories and feelings that were creating a blockage in my life. I relaxed and let go of the anger that I was holding on to for so long. It felt good to breathe and visualize


I'm able to open up and voice my opinions easily and assertively. I've started to achieve things and feeling good about myself. I love the worksheets and used to look forward to these sessions. It helped me in all domains of my life. This really is a treasure for life-long learning. It's possible for me to be the way I wanted my ideal self to be

Poorna, Psychologist

"Nikita motivated me and encouraged me to so much to start something I was terrified of. I've never been more happier. Looking forward to my new Journey. Thank you so much!"

Meghana, Illustrator

I loved this program. This was exactly what I was looking for. Each session made me feel more confident and relaxed. I feel not only happy but also ready to do all that I want. I highly recommend this program to anyone who needs confidence. 

Sonam, Designer

I've done just one session with Nikita on my issues of self-worth and confidence. I was amazed to see how more than anything I just needed to shift focus. Looking forward to my Journey with her as my guide to self-discovery and achieving my Goals

Kranti, Interior Designer

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