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Become more Confident, Improve productivity & Navigate worry/burnout so you can attract success and happiness in your life with ease

  • Have you ever felt as if you’re stuck and unable to move?

  • You’ve been on a hamster wheel trying to get past your life challenges?

  • You've got ideas and resources but you don't feel confident enough to take the leap?

  • Do you feel overwhelmed constantly and can’t seem to stop overthinking and worrying?

  • Have the challenges of life brought you at an unpleasant phase of your life?

Whether you want to feel Confident and comfortable in your own skin, overcome procrastination and feel more energetic, organized, less stressed and balanced, I can help.

"I can see such a difference in my confidence and my work. I've always doubted my work but now I'm attracting wok. I love mindset work and after this program I've started to see things positively in my life and my work. I'm glad I joined this without thinking too much. Love the worksheets and Journal. Working with Nikita was a lot of fun." 

- HARINI, Calligrapher

"I'm able to open up and voice my opinions easily and assertively. I've started to achieve things and feeling food about myself. I love the worksheets and used to look forward to these sessions. It helped me in all domains of my life. This really is a treasure for life-long learning. It's possible for me to be the way I wanted my ideal self to be

- POORNA, Psychologist & Entrepreneur

How can this help You?

 My main areas of focus are self-awareness, procrastination, aggression, Impulsiveness, self-confidence and self-esteem.


I help you bring a shift in your mindset. Help you overcome your feelings of anxiety and overwhelm, I teach you techniques and give you tools that help you achieve better, focus more and improve your quality of life.

"I've had problems with procrastination since a very long time. I was really messed up and came across Nikita's program. I wasn't sure at first but decided to give it a shot. She was so amazing and honest and I connected with her really well. It takes a lot of practice and post program its been a challenge but Nikita gave me a road-map and it's easier now. I handle so much more and get things done in time."

- NITI, Designer & Entrepreneur

"Feel relaxed and happy. A load has been lifted. It was very easy to talk to Nikita and let go of the past that I was holding onto. She is really good at what she does and is not pushy with the sessions." 


- AKRITI, Homemaker

What You'll take away once you Invest in yourself

  • You'll learn how to make the best use of your strengths and weakness.

  • You'll learn how to overcome any self-limiting beliefs that usually hold you back from achieving your goals.

  • You'll learn how to change your mindset from fixed to growth mindset which will help you become confident and overcome feeling of failure and despair.

  • You'll learn how to manage time better, become more productive. 

  • You'll become more self-aware of your patterns. 

What I can Promise You

I can't promise you a fast and quick transformation but what I can promise you -  

- A Mindset Makeover from fixed to growth mindset.

- An increase in Confidence 10X

- An increase in your Happiness

- Better habit patterns

- A strategic way to navigate your stress and worry

- The investment will result in a better quality of life

- I collaborate with you instead of simply telling you what to do 

"I was taking regular medication for sleep and anxiety. I was very low on self-confidence. Meditation was not enough. Someone referred Nikita to me. I was very scared about this. I started consulting with her regularly for over 2 years. It helped me so much. I can now manage. Glad to meet Nikita."  


- KAJAL, Homemaker

"Dear Nikita, Thank you so much for such an empathetic session. The session was very synchronous with my feelings and dilemmas and thoughts. Also your note about writing down certain points about happiness and about fear was useful in clearly seeing the pros and cons. For me career, good companionship living in an engaging place is essential. I think I will have to take a call and work on it soon. Thanks so much for the wonderful words. Will keep them in mind and hold on to your words."

- LAYA, Doctor

Overview of the Sessions

Our sessions will help change your mindset, improve your Quality of life, so you won't just live your life but also experience your life to the fullest.  


Our sessions will take place via Zoom Video Calls.

Each session will be for a duration of 60 minutes.


Rs 8,760

7 Sessions

60 Minute Session


Psychologist & Coach in Chennai

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