Best Version of Yourself

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I believe we've got the answers to all our doubts and problems, all we really need is some clarity, a relaxed mind and confidence. Once you navigate your feelings, emotions, fear mindset you help bring to surface your confidence so you can achieve your dreams and become the best version of yourself!

Become the best version of yourself, by bringing in clarity, confidence, awareness, success, happiness and peace in your personal and professional life. 

Identify your limiting beliefs, overcome your fear, take a leap by renewing your mindset.

"I'm able to open up and voice my opinions easily and assertively. I've started to achieve things and feeling good about myself. I love the worksheets and used to look forward to these sessions. It helped me in all domains of my life. This really is a treasure for life-long learning. It's possible for me to be the way I wanted my ideal self to be" 


Services by Nikita Vyas

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For those who are prone to worry and stress easily. Who feel anxious, Self-sabotage their success, you'll receive empowering, insightful, transformative tools such as - 


Journal Prompts



Ready to make it happen?

I understand its tough to make a decision emotionally, mentally and financially, but if you don't take a keen interest in improving your life and taking your growth seriously, no one else will. Your future self will thank you for this investment made today. 

Take the plunge now and make it happen!

Single Session 

90 - 60 Minutes - ₹1500


4 Session bundle (15% discount)


8 Session bundle (20% discount)


12 Session bundle (25% discount)


I'm feeling so happy and shocked for what I am today. Years ago I just had a dream and today I'm living my dream, this wouldn't have been possible without Nikita's guidance and constant support. My heart-felt gratitude!"