You Deserve Success

You Deserve Happiness

You Deserve to follow your Dreams

You Deserve to be who you want to be

It's time to Stop hiding, take the Big leap and be comfortable under the spotlight. 

I'll help you overcome your feelings of anxiety, obstacles and self-limiting beliefs that prevent you from succeeding.

I've been where you are and I get how tough it can be to live in fear and without the freedom to follow your dreams!

- If you're ready to break-free from constantly living a life that no longer motivates you. 

- If you're ready to make some massive changes not only in your beliefs and mindset but also your lifestyle. I'd love to work with you and be your partner in this Journey

"Dear Nikita, Thank you so much for such an empathetic session. The session was very synchronous with my feelings and dilemmas and thoughts. Also your note about writing down certain points about happiness and about fear was useful in clearly seeing the pros and cons. For me career, good companionship living in an engaging place is essential. I think I will have to take a call and work on it soon. Thanks so much for the wonderful words. Will keep them in mind and hold on to your words."

- LAYA, Doctor

"The best Decision in recent times was to work with Nikita on some intriguing issues that was pulling me down. Nikita is such a sweetheart. After talking to her I felt as if I had an honest and comfortable chat with a friend.  She helped me think and feel better about myself. She kept track of my progress and led me to a better vision and life. Facing my mental blocks would have been tough without her."

- SHEEBHA, Content Writer

Clarity Session


A 90 Minute Clarity session with me where we'll work together on your current life challenges. These sessions are especially beneficial to you if you've been looking for a way to understand, transform or deal with challenges in one or two areas of your life. 

Choose the topics you'd like clarity on

Breath-work & Visualization Program


Spend 7 weeks practicing breath-work and visualization techniques with me to unburden yourself from your personal & professional challenges, attract happiness and success, feel a sense of calm, love and joy. 

Take a look at the areas it can help you. 

Productivity + Self-Confidence Coaching


A 6 week program designed to improve your confidence + productivity + self awareness + prevent burnout collectively. Consider this program a one stop if you're looking for a complete transformation and improvement in your life. 

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