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A safe space for you to unwind, introspect, unlearn, relax, and move forward, to live a happier, calmer, and confident version of yourself.

"This was a really good experience Nikita was very patient. She didn't judge. I felt changes happening in my life and my relationships. She gave me the hope I had lost. I felt motivated to wake up everyday and felt happy in my life. Her approach was nice and pleasant. I would feel bad if I missed a session, that's how much I loved working with her. I experienced miracles and changes after I started working with her. I love herrr! Life time package."


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Hey there..
I'm Nikita, 

A Counselling Psychologist and Mindset Coach. 

I usually work with creatives, highly sensitive and introverted women to help them understand, manage and challenge their limiting beliefs and difficult emotions pragmatically so they can attract success, confidence and happiness in a manner they feel comfortable. 

Other times you'll find me with a book and a good cup of coffee or writing in my journal.


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