I'm nikita,

My work is all about personal growth. I believe that you've got answers within you and all the strengths locked up inside you.


My job, this space and promise to you as your Psychologist, guide and support is to help you get that clarity, confidence and balance so you can tap into your strength, take the big leap, attract success, happiness and love in your personal and professional life. 

My Offerings

My job and offerings are to help you get some clarity, confidence and awareness in your life. My approach is a mix of REBT/SFT, Mindfulness techniques, 



Professional and personal life clarity and understanding


Get clarity in your personal/professional life

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Journal Bundle


A way to self heal, bring clarity and let go of overwhelm. A restful pause, during a time of chaos

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I invite you to take this 30 Day Journaling Challenge. You'll receive 30 Journal Prompts for 30 days. All you have to do is sign up and show up for the next 30 days!

I've had problems with procrastination since a very long time. I was really messed up and came across Nikita's program. I wasn't sure at first but decided to give it a shot. She was so amazing and honest and I connected with her really well. It takes a lot of practice and post program its been a challenge but Nikita gave me a roadmap and it's easier now. I handle so much more and get things done in time.

Niti, Entrepreneur