Helping busy women Overcome Self-Doubt & Overwhelm so they can achieve what they truly desire 


Don't let your self-limiting beliefs hold you back

I've worked with - Artists, Bloggers, Entrepreneurs, Women working in their dreams jobs, Women just starting their own venture, Introverts...women who dream. 




As an introvert, content creator and as an Entrepreneur, I know how stressful the hustle is to show up each day, deal with criticism (a lot of inner criticism) and chaos.  


My work revolves around helping talented women (like yourself) feel comfortable in their own skin, escape excuses, take the big leap they've always dreamed of and help them live a life full of happiness and success.

If you think you'd like to live a life you love to wake up to I'd love to work with you. Start your journey by choosing a service that you most connect with and we'll take it from there.

What they've to Say

"I'm able to open up and voice my opinions easily and assertively. I've started to achieve things and feeling food about myself. I love the worksheets and used to look forward to these sessions. It helped me in all domains of my life. This really is a treasure for life-long learning. It's possible for me to be the way I wanted my ideal self to be" 

POORNA, Psychologist & Entrepreneur 

"I can see such a difference in my confidence and my work. I've always doubted my work but now I'm attracting wok. I love mindset work and after this program I've started to see things positively in my life and my work. I'm glad I joined this without thinking too much. Love the worksheets and Journal. Working with Nikita was a lot of fun." 

HARINI, Calligrapher 

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And I'm so exited to be a part of it!