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I'm Nikita

I work with women to help them recognize their potential, help them reduce burnout and stress, Help them overcome self-doubt, anxiety, fear and navigate other life challenges. 

"I can see such a difference in my confidence and my work. I've always doubted my work but now I'm attracting wok. I love mindset work and after this program I've started to see things positively in my life and my work. I'm glad I joined this without thinking too much. Love the worksheets and Journal. Working with Nikita was a lot of fun." 

- Harini, Calligrapher

Services Offered

I believe that women with dreams are truly unstoppable. Once they tap into their creative and passionate side they have the power to not only achieve their dreams but change lives. My work is to share ideas, tools and resources to help you become more confident, improve your quality of life, take the first step, create, get clarity, improve productivity, release and let go of limiting beliefs and much more

Clarity Session

Clarity Session

A 90 minute Clarity session to help you brainstorm and work on a pressing Challenge

Pause and Breathe

Pause & Breathe

A 5 Week Visualization and Breath-work Program to help you relax and unwind

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All About Self

A 10 Week Signature Program designed to help you become more confident and be the best version of yourself


Inspire Yourself

I invite you to take this 30 Day Journaling Challenge. You'll receive 30 Journal Prompts for 30 days. All you have to do is sign up and show up for the next 30 days!

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