I'm Nikita Vyas, a Psychologist, Personal Life coach, Introvert and creative

(M.Sc., M.Phil Psychology)

I work with creative and introverted women. 

My job, this space and promise to you as your Psychologist, guide and support is to help you get that clarity, confidence and balance so you can tap into your strength, take the big leap, attract success, happiness and love in your personal and professional life.  

"For almost 2-3 years I just suffered and suffered in unexplainable sorrow and self hatred. I wanted to talk to someone and feel safe and understood. Someone who can help me without being judgemental, someone who’s very comfortable to talk with and who’s not robotic or starts prescribing meds.  Everything just seemed stuck with a constant sadness and pain. The pain was so all consuming that I couldn’t think of anything else except for the fact that I felt as if I deserved it. You helped me heal, you guided me to be nice to myself. Your sessions gave me the confidence where I could be myself and be actually happy about it. So thank you Nikita. Taking your sessions for the three months have been the best decision of my life and I’m glad that I came across you profile when I needed it the most."


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"I joined this program with so much anxiety, fear, confusion and hurt. I wanted to work on my insecurities and fear. With each session I started to feel better and much like myself, my fear reduced and I'm doing good today. Thank you Nikita!"