Nikita Vyas

Counselling Psychologist, Life and Mindset coach

(M.Sc., M.Phil Psychology)

My job, this space and promise to you as your Psychologist, guide and support is to help you get relax and unwind from worry, stress, anxiety so you may attract better success, happiness and love in your personal and professional life.  

"You helped me heal, you guided me to be nice to myself. Your sessions gave me the confidence where I could be myself and be actually happy about it. So thank you Nikita. Taking your sessions for the three months have been the best decision of my life and I’m glad that I came across you profile when I needed it the most."


On the Blog 

I'm able to open up and voice my opinions easily and assertively. I've started to achieve things and feeling good about myself. I love the worksheets and used to look forward to these sessions. It helped me in all domains of my life. This really is a treasure for life-long learning. It's possible for me to be the way I wanted my ideal self to be