therapy is about more than just talking and listening

As a Psychologist, I help you understand your patterns. I help provide the space you need to talk about all that is bothering you while also teaching you how to cope and manage. 

In my experience therapy is for anyone who wishes to understand themselves a little better and not repeat patterns that usually tend to bring them a lot of unhappiness and trauma. Working in therapy, will help you become aware of patterns, situations, incidents, that influence your life to a great extent. It's a mix of venting and learning so you can move on from the pain, confusion, and chaos and enjoy your present more calmly and happily. 
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I've been a therapist for the past 10 years. My aim is to provide a safe space for women to relax, unwind, vent out, and get some clarity and possibly a different perspective on their situation

"Feel relaxed and happy. A load has been lifted. It was very easy to talk to Nikita and let go of the past that I was holding onto. She is really good at what she does and is not pushy with the sessions."


"She cared. She understood. She motivated. She helped me overcome guilt. Nikita made me push my own boundaries and go after what I wanted. Every session we talked about so many things that helped me learn a lot. As a creative business owner, I have clarity and direction. It has been a great experience."


My Approach

My approach is client-centered.  A mix of Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, Solution-focused therapy, Positive Psychology and Mindfulness.

I don't promise instant results or believe in quick fixes. I personally follow a slow-living lifestyle and believe in results that come from slow growth. 

One-on-one Counselling

Online Counselling

We'll meet for a 60-minute session via google meet


In-Person Counselling

We'll meet for a 60-90 Minute session in person if you're in Chennai and would like to meet for the sessions.


Please Note - If you're late for the session, no extra time will be provided and the session will wrap in the given time. Therefore kindly choose the slot according to your best availability. 

Kindly take a look at the refund and cancellation policy before you apply to work with me. For any further questions feel free to DM me on IG or write to me at -


Still on the Fence??

Please write to me at - if you need further information and clarity on therapy or how we can work together. You can also DM me on Instagram - @nikitaavyas

Work with Me

I don't know in what way I'm different from others but I believe in magic – of life, of possibilities, of opportunities, of love, almost anything but if it doesn’t have your faith, involvement and commitment you may miss the opportunity to experience it. I want to help you believe in the magic of everyday life and most importantly yourself! 

I believe that anything and everything that you do requires your complete sincerity, attention and commitment. It’s the same with the sessions and programs. They need your complete attention. I don’t claim that my programs are a treatment plan for any particular issue but they do help in bringing a lot of clarity and perception, therefore I urge you to practice, even if you don’t find the time.