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Image by Ester Marie Doysabas

60 minute - Meditation Session

Visualization, EFT, & Breathwork

Visualization, EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), and Breathwork have miraculous effects on the mind, body, and soul. It can help you open up safely and help you overcome any blockages that could be keeping you stuck and causing discomfort. 

A combination of these three methods can help give mental clarity, emotional stability, and spiritual balance. 

We tend to create a lot of blockages not only in our mind but also our bodies and our soul when we leave things unhealed for a long time. Sometimes when the mind cannot withstand, the body takes over and sometimes when our body experiences trauma and pain our mind takes over and we think we have moved on as we go through new experiences.
But the body and mind tend to remember and we therefore experience a lot of blockages in our lives. 

Emotional Freedom Technique works helping the body heal, Breathwork helps us to calm our nerves and Visualization helps us create space for what we want. 

A combination of these three practices can help us not only heal but attract better and truly move on from what no longer serves us. 

In this Session

In this call, we'll talk about

  • Where in your life you feel blocked

  • Start the session with the practices 

  • End the session with a card pull for guidance and clarity. 

We'll meet for a 60-minute call via Google Meet

Please Note - I don't offer any refunds or returns once the payment is made and the session is booked. 

You can reschedule the session once within 15 days, post that the session will be automatically cancelled. 

the exchange for this session - 


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