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Image by Edz Norton

Gift a Session

Tarot Reading

Heylo there, if you're here to gift this session to a loved one or even yourself, welcome! Before you book this session I'd like to tell you a little about my approach and process, keep reading!

My Tarot session are unlike traditional predictions and readings. My readings are a blend of counselling and mindfulness techniques. In my experience cards usually help in understanding deep rooted thoughts and beliefs that we may otherwise be suppressing or not aware of. Instead of depending on the conventional meaning of the cards, I like to delve deep into the symbols, colours, and images that go beyond the surface-level. 

In the session, I use various tarot and oracle cards, based on how the reading proceeds I also use EFT (Emotional freedom technique) and breathwork that helps to process certain emotions and feelings while building a connect between mind and body. 
I also include talk therapy as if helps to uncover a lot of unresolved questions. 

Please Note - This gift sessions is applicable to women only 

60-Minute Tarot Reading Session


(*Women only)

In this session, we'll talk about

- where you are in your life right now
- blockages that hold you back
- changes that might help
- Clarity on Specific doubts you may have

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