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A Simple Meditation to help you attract Success and let go of Resistance

Let me ask you upfront,

Do you love what you do?

Is it something you'd do anytime and anywhere even if you don't get anything from it?

Do you see yourself doing this for a long long time?

If your answers is yes, then you're already on your way to become successful. If your answer is no, you obviously aren't happy with what you do and need you figure out what you wish to do about it. If your answer is a weak yes, a doubt yes, then chances are you're hesitant and resisting it for some reason.

According to my experience, we put our happiness on the front-line for other people to judge. If they approve then you express it fully, if they don't you feel guilty and embarrassed for liking it. I've worked with many talented people who've sacrificed their love for something just because of their fear of being judged and disapproved.

How can you experience success if you don't feel happy about what you do?

Success is either highly over-rated or highly under-rated in each person's life. We all want success not just in our professional but also in our personal lives. Whether it's our relationships, our habits, our routines, our dreams, our values anything at all - we want to be successful.

But success differs from person to person. Even though it looks universal, success is also extremely personal.

It's true, success is important but it's impossible to achieve success if you're not going to have fun along the way. One of the reasons we don't experience success is because we resist happiness.

“Success is not the key to happiness, happiness is the key to success. If you love what you are doing, you will be successful.” - Albert Schweitzer

Let me give you my personal example -

Its been 10ish years since I started reading Tarot Cards. I've been reading Tarot Cards way before I started studying Psychology. In fact my love for Psychology grew a lot stronger after reading cards for people.

I felt so close to the challenges that people face on a daily basis, stress or anxiety, trouble with confidence or the need to be constantly in control.

I never used Tarot cards as a way to predict future, but as a way to understand the mindset and situation and as a guiding tool. I believe We create our own destiny and our own obstacles, therefore we also have the power and the answers to help us deal with those obstacles as well. Tarot cards helped me understand what was possibly happening in the subconscious mind of the reader. It was so meaningful and of course magical to hear the affirmative tone in their voice. But it wasn't a proper career.

But after I became a Psychologist, somehow I started feeling ashamed and felt guilty for even knowing Tarot. I let the power of "being a Psychologist" get into my head easily. I would go red from embarrassment anytime someone would ask for a reading. It made me happy but I wasn't sure if it was "Okay" to be a Psychologist and a Tarot Reader at the same time. Or prefer the later than the former.

"What would people think?"

"How would people perceive me?"

"What if I lose respect as a Psychologist?"

"What if I'm viewed as only a Tarot Reader?"

"What if people make fun of me?"

"This isn't a proper career, am I ruining all those years and money I spent in studying Psychology?"

After years of battling with myself I somehow found my way back to it.

Yes, I still felt very anxious but how could I stop something that came so naturally to me?

I had (Read : Have) a good clientele for Tarot Reading and I was helping people anyway. My dream wasn't to become a Psychologist (Only) but it was to really help people reconnect with themselves and feel confident and comfortable with who they are. Psychology was (Read: Is) a tool just like Tarot that would allow me to help people.

"How does it matter which one I use more?" - I said to myself.

The more I started to feel happy about it the less shameful and guilty I felt. I also started attracting clients who wanted to work with me, regardless of the service.

I use my counselling skills within a Tarot session too. It felt like the icing on cake to be able to combine the two. And give people two services in the price of one.

Of course, my example is work related but you can apply this in any area of your life.

Your appearance, your relationships, your choices, your decisions, your career, your lifestyle, your choice of clothing.. anything at all. The more happy you feel the more successful you become. It takes a really long time and a lot of patience too but once you get past the feels, you find a sense of calm and taste true success.

To help you feel more happy and attract Success, here's a simple but very effective meditation + Affirmation that would help you in any area of your life you feel ashamed or guilty.


Meditation Practice

Sit comfortably on a chair or the floor. Keep your palm facing upward. Relax and close your eyes. Take a deep breath and observe the tension in your body. As you breathe out, breathe out from your mouth & imagine all the tension releasing from your body.

As you breathe in say to yourself

- "Breathing in I welcome more happiness

As you breathe out say to yourself -

"I let go of all shame and guilt"

Allow yourself to feel lighter and experience a sense of calmness. Continue breathing this way till you are comfortable with the process.

“Success and Happiness are easy outcomes for me. I easily express my happiness.” - Affirmation

Once you practice this technique do let me know in which areas of your life it helped and how do you feel about it.

If you're still struggling with it you can work with me on a one-on-one basis and get some clarity. Take a look at the services I offer and choose the one that might help you the best.

Hope this article really help you in someway, for more resources you can head over to my blog or connect with me on Instagram where I post meaningful content everyday.

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