• Nikita Vyas

Reasons to have more Me-time/Alone Time for your Creative Process

As creatives we tend to consume a whole lot of things, before we actually create something meaningful. This consumption can sometimes be extremely tiring and drains our mind and body. The brain being always active is flushing out ideas constantly and it’s important to be mindfully aware when that happens. But when the mind and body is extremely tired, we’re in no longer any position to be available to receive those ideas.

Having a me-time can help you recharge and some quality time with yourself also increases your levels of happiness which is extremely vital for your creative process.

This is something I always say, you can’t create from a noisy mind.

Before you judge and categorize me-time and being alone with simply doing nothing, let me tell you what I do in this alone time or my me-time. My work involves a lot of writing and reading. I’m constantly consuming ideas for my blog and now my podcast not to forget my digital courses. So, I usually spend my me-time by doing a bit of sketching or drinking coffee and listening to some jazz and crystal healing. This is not related to my business at all and is a good break from my usual work. But hey that’s just me.

  • I worked with an artist once who did a lot of sketching work as a part of her creative life and she decided to take up gardening as her me-time. Something that was totally different from her work and yet something she could thoroughly enjoy. After only a few days of picking this new habit of gardening she realized how rejuvenated she felt and how her ideas were more creative than ever.

  • I worked with a designer once who took up poetry writing as a part of her me-time since she loved poetry and it allowed her to express her emotions in a beautiful way.

  • I worked with a content creator once who took up running/jogging as her me-time not with the intention to lose weight or socialize but she felt that running allowed her thoughts to channelize themselves and she loved the energy.

  • I worked with an artist once who traveled a lot and she picked up journaling as a part of her me-time so she could pour all her thoughts on paper and be free of the emotions that were weighing her down.

You see? It’s not about doing nothing at all. It’s about spending some quality time with yourself, especially as a creator so you have a mind that’s filled with good ideas and free of the on-going troubles.

Here are some important reasons why me-time can be so valuable to you –

1. It’s a good break from your work

2. It helps you reconnect with yourself

3. Improves your relationships

4. Increases your happiness

5. Improves your sleep patterns

6. Reduces your stress levels

7. Gives you a sense of calm

8. Your thoughts become clearer and freer

9. It helps you create more

10. It helps you manage your emotions

So how often should you do it? I’d probably say try to include it in your daily schedule. Start with 5 minutes and slowly increase to an hour minimum or as long as you like it. But if you’re constantly travelling or can’t include it in your everyday schedule, try to do schedule it for once a week or thrice a week.

When should you do it? I believe in the concept of “before the world wakes up and demands your