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10 day one-on-one Course on

Introduction to Tarot Reading

Tarot is a tool for personal growth and self-awareness. Learn this art of reading cards to not only help get clarity for yourself but also your loved ones. Instead of focusing on the traditional meaning of the cards, you'll learn to read cards in an intuitive and spiritual way. 

There are 78 cards and in this course, you'll go over each card and learn the meaning and interpretation of each card. You'll learn the basic Tarot Reading spreads and also learn how to create your own spreads. 
You'll learn how to take care of your cards and connect with them so they can guide you in your journey. 

Since I don't predict cards or read reversals, I won't teach you how to read cards so as to predict or read and interpret reversal cards. 

Therapeutic Benefits of learning Tarot Cards

Image by Viva Luna Studios

Outline of the course

This is a 10 day course. For this course we'll use cards by Rider Waite as they're considered the original Tarot Cards and as a beginner, they're easy to read and very descriptive to interpret. You can find them on amazon easily. 

Day 01 - Intro to cards + Major arcana - 1st 7 cards (Conscious)

Day 02 - Major Arcana - next 7 cards (Subconscious)

Day 03 - Major Arcana - Last 8 cards (Super conscious)

Day 04 - Minor Arcana - Wands (14 cards - The Fire element)

Day 05 - Minor Arcana - Cups (14 cards - The Water element)

Day 06 - Minor Arcana - Swords (14 cards - The Air Element)

Day 07 - Minor Arcana - Pentacles (14 cards - The Earth Element)

Day 08 - Learn the basic Spreads used in Tarot and how to interpret the cards using spreads.

Day 09 - Learn to create your own spreads. Practice Session + clarify any doubts 

Day 10 - Practice Session + clarify any doubts 

Book your Slot

We'll meet everyday for 10 days during this course. 
You'll need to purchase the Rider Waite cards, they are easily available on amazon. 

You can learn this course for your personal growth or to also professionally become a Tarot Reader. 

Please note -
- I don't provide any certification for this course 
- I also don't provide any notes for this course as I don't read the traditional meanings of the cards, I teach you how to read intuitively. However, I will provide a list of resources that can further help you in your journey as a reader. 

- Around 2-3 hours/class (It depends on how fast/slow you interpret the cards)

- 10 days of classes

- We'll follow the outline for the duration of this course

- Online classes via Google Meet 

- If you choose to cancel for any reason, no refunds or returns once you've made the payment.

- For any further questions or doubts please feel free to reach out to me at -

10 day course - One time Payment of


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