Life & Mindset Coaching

An intense and in-depth program to help you transition into your best self. To help you get clarity, help you move on, get unstuck from a negative mindset, find a balance in your life, increase productivity, process emotions, increase confidence.

My Approach

Some clarity and guidance is always better than confusion and frustration. My sessions are a mix of Positive Psychology, REBT/SFT, Mindfulness Techniques. 

As your Psychologist and coach my job is to help you overcome the challenges that prevent from living the kind of life you want, creates burnouts and obstacles in your success. Together we'll work toward your personal growth and in-depth transformation.

Overview of the Sessions

This is what I have to offer for the program. Based on on the number of sessions you can choose the topics that most resonate with your need and requirements. 

  • Day 1 – Self-esteem and Strengths – Focus on your strengths

  • Day 2 – Reconnect with Self - Values that are your foundation

  • Day 3 – Navigating Change – Letting go of fear and anxiety

  • Day 4 – Kindness – Self Compassion – Inner Critical Voice

  • Day 5 – Happiness – Blockages – Reframe mindset to positive

  • Day 6 – Acceptance – Under the spot light – Letting go of Excuses

  • Day 7 – Appreciation – Praise and Criticism

  • Day 8 – Balance – Routine and priority

  • Day 9 – Purpose – Your Why and goal setting

  • Day 10 – Letting go of Past

  • Day 11 – Boundaries – Learning to say No

  • Day 12 – Healing – Processing Emotions and feelings  

You can either go with these topics or -

  • You can discuss with me about a particular situation that's bothering you, at work or home

  • You can discuss about any challenge that you've been dealing with

  • You can talk to me about making a decision

  • You can discuss if you're feeling stuck in your life somewhere

  • You can discuss about your personal growth

  • You can get a breath-work and/or visualization session if you just want to relax and unwind


Hey You, 


Ideally I work with a client for three months which includes 12 weekly sessions. Post which clients work with me based on their requirements either they renew their package for 5/8/12 sessions every week or every 15 days or they opt for single consulting sessions anytime they need a consult. 

Our Session will take place via Google Meet, WhatsApp Video or Phone Call.

₹1800/per session

₹8,000/5 - Sessions Bundle

₹12,000/8 - Sessions Bundle

₹16,000/12 - Sessions Bundle

I loved this program. This was exactly what I was looking for. Each session made me feel more confident and relaxed. I feel not only happy but also ready to do all that I want. I highly recommend this program to anyone who needs confidence. 

Sonam, Designer

Let's work together, shall we?