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Think you can give yourself only 12 weeks?

Take a detailed look inside the Pause Breathe Dream program 

Week 01

Reframing Strengths

In this module,

  • we’ll try to understand the kind of person you ideally wish to be.

  • We’ll go over your current strengths and try to determine what makes you different and unique from the rest of the world.

  • We’ll also shed light on your limitations and how to make them work in your favour so you may learn to become the version of yourself that you ideally wish to be.

  • This will be for both your personal and professional self.

Week 02

Reconnecting through values

In this module,

  • we’ll focus on your core values and identify how these values shape who you are and where they came from.

  • We’ll try to determine the values you may need to adopt that will help with your growth and is in alignment with the ideal version of yourself.

  • We’ll also focus on how to use your values in order to build connections around you so you may attract people you feel aligned with.

Week 03

Making Positive Changes

In this module,

  • we’ll go in-depth into your lifestyle and the habits you already have.

  • We’ll try to categorize these habits to better understand how they are contributing to your growth.

  • We’ll then try to determine the habits that aren’t serving you anymore and how to let go and make space for habits that will help you in your life based on the ideal version of yourself.

Week 04

Quieten your Inner critic

In this module,

  • we’ll try to understand your fears and the impact it has on you and your day to day.

  • We’ll try to identify the critical voices you usually happen to hear and try to compassionately challenge them and reframe them so you can feel more confident.

  • We’ll try to learn more about why critical voices pop up so often and where they usually come from.

  • This is most beneficial to you in your personal and professional life.

Week 05

Reframing Mindset Blockages

In this module,

  • we’ll try to understand the standard theme of your life.

  • We’ll go deep into the effect these themes may have on your growth and the blockages they could be creating in your life.

  • We’ll take a look at your beliefs in each area of your life and try to reframe these beliefs by setting new ones.

  • We’ll try to determine where these old beliefs come from and how to gently let them go and replace them with new ones.

Week 07

Appreciation and Validation

In this Module,

  • we’ll look at how validation shows up in your life and who are the people/situations/events you often turn to in order to seek validation.

  • We’ll discuss the importance of appreciation and compliments and the part they play to boost confidence.

  • We’ll try to bust any myths you may have about validation and appreciation so your path toward your dreams becomes a lot smoother and easier.

  • You’ll learn the importance of feedback constructively.

Week 09

Realigning with Intentions

In this module,

  • we’ll work on understanding intentions for any changes or dreams you’d like to pursue.

  • We’ll reframe the intentions so they’re in alignment with your new values, theme, ideas, and story that the version of your ideal self would like.

  • You’ll learn how to apply these intentions productively so it helps with your consistency and confidence.

Week 11

Prioritize Effectively

In this module,

  • you’ll learn how to say yes to things that fulfil you and no to the activities and things that no longer inspire you or make you feel happy and energized.

  • We’ll work on your system of prioritizing better so you can feel more in charge of what you wish to do and don’t feel overwhelmed or burnt out too soon and too often.

  • We’ll try to understand what tends to inspire you and motivate you so you can use those tools anytime you feel unmotivated or unproductive and prioritize again.

Week 06

Escape Excuses

In this module,

  • we’ll try to identify the excuses that you usually end up telling yourself in order to not get things done.

  • We’ll try to understand how to break the cycle and take the leap so there’s better accountability in your life.

  • You’ll learn how to not give in to excuses and push through even on challenging days.

Week 08

Creating Space for New

In this module,

  • we’ll try to work on making space for new ideas and stories and understanding why you’re still stuck to the older stories.

  • We’ll try to understand the important lessons of these old stories and gently learn to let go of any shame, guilt, or regret that you may still be attached to.

  • This will allow you to create space for a new story and start fresh.

Week 10

Eliminate Distractions

In this module,

  • we’ll focus on understanding the potential distractions that you tend to face anytime you’re trying to get things done or working on making changes.

  • We’ll work to identify your energy savers and drainers.

  • You’ll learn how to let go of the energy drainers mindfully and without any hesitation or guilt so you have plenty of energy to focus on all the things that essentially matter.

  • This will help you feel more organized.

Week 12

Dreaming Ahead

In this module,

  • we’ll review the version of who you were when we started and the version you evolve into as we wind up.

  • We’ll try to understand certain areas you still need to focus on along with painting a new picture for the year and how to stay the course.

  • We’ll try to review the tools that help you and the hurdles that tend to come your way.

  • This preparation will help you stay focused and in alignment easily.

Ready to give yourself just 12 weeks?

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