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7 Reasons why you should share your story with others

Do you know what really motivates me? Biographies – Stories that people share about them, their life, the struggles they faced, the adventures they experienced.. reading about them, encourages me to go on in my journey, whether personal or professional . I’ve always felt that story telling has a power to inspire and change the world.

But, when I had to do it for my first feature. Share my story? I went blank and the first question I asked myself was.. is it going to matter?? My story!?? 

If this is how you think as well.. I’m going to give you my reasons about why is it important to share your story.

  1. It matters – Why? because you matter! Look, you may like yourself or even hate yourself but, to the world you matter. You aren’t invisible no matter what you say or feel. This is true for every person. Your ideas, goals, dreams, opinions, visions, purpose all of it is important for the world to know.

  2. Someone’s looking for it – Believe it or not, someone is currently going through exactly what you went through. Learning about your story is only going to support them in getting through their phase. It’ll make them feel connected with you and help them realize that they aren’t alone in this. 

  3. Self Affirming – When you share or talk about your story, it kind of gives you an affirmation, a kind of reminder of how far you’ve reached and how far you’ve traveled. This is something we forget in the hustle-bustle of our life. With each goal we tend to forget how when we started we didn’t hardly had anything. 

  4. Self Closure – We tend to suppress the past. The good, bad & ugly because we’re trying to get through the present. Sharing your story will give you an opportunity to release all those pent up emotions. 

  5. Understand your mistakes – We’re growing and making mistakes is one of the most effective ways to learn & grow. When you share your story you get an opportunity to stay updated on all the mistakes you’ve made. It can feel good and a relief at the same time. Not to mention it’ll not only help you stay humble with yourself but also help you be empathetic with others. 

  6. Practice courage – It’s not just about mistakes and failure but also about admitting them, when we share our story it requires a lot of courage. Whether it’s your personal life or professional life it takes a lot of courage to talk about your journey. If you’re someone who’s afraid or embarrassed about feeling vulnerable you should share your story. It’s a great way to deal with fear and negativity. 

  7. Receive feedback – You may or may not be very proud of your journey, but receiving a feedback will certainly give you a boost of confidence and make you feel proud about it. 

The next time you have an opportunity to share your story, Go Ahead and share it! Take my word for it.. it will certainly make you feel incredible. 


Hope this these benefits help change your mind about sharing your story. Thank you for reading it. Feel free to share it to anyone who may benefit from it. 

🖤 Nikita


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