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A week of releasing & Letting go helped me Attract Success and Happiness

Could you spend your time and life living in stress and discomfort? Always competing and hustling? Always feeling as if you’re not made for success and happiness? I don’t think so, neither can I.

I’ve never been a competitive person or a fast person even as a kid. I love the fact that I enjoy a life that is slow, peaceful and drama-free. Having said that, I’ve attracted a lot of drama and unhappiness in my personal life that’s robbed me of so much good, my success and my confidence.

Have you felt that way? As if you don’t want to live an unhappy and extremely difficult life but somehow cannot seem to slow down or pause to reflect and change?

It’s a really busy life, things are really competitive and you’ve got to be on you’re a-game to become successful. The old me would’ve agreed with you in a heartbeat but today when I think about it I realize that obsessing about my work or getting sucked in the everyday drama of my life took me away from what really matters to me and from living a life that’s both meaningful, peaceful and successful.

I want to share the way I gave myself a week to shift my mindset from negative to something more positive. I’ll admit that I’ve had to keep up and work on it repeatedly and practice it consciously in my life but this blueprint or map or steps (if you go about it chronologically always helps me refocus and regain positivity.

#1 – Acknowledging stress/worry/unhappiness – I know this is a challenging start but it’s true, ignoring it doesn’t make it go away accepting it will help you take reasonable steps and help you move.

#2 – Expressing Gratitude – I’m a big fan of this tool. Oh yes, it’s an important tool (especially with attracting money, if you use it well). It has helped me attract amazing clients and work and ideas. I owe most of my success to expressing gratitude in my life.

#3 – Inviting Love – Don’t underestimate the power of love. You deserve love and everything that’s related to you deserves your love. The more you invite love for yourself into your life the more it’ll increase the doze of happiness inside you and around you. I invite love in my life when I compliment myself and my work, when I take time off to pamper myself (Big fan of self-care) and when I gratefully accept the compliments/kind words/gestures I receive from others.

#4 – Welcoming Peace – Peace for me is reading, is talking to a loved one. Spending some alone time is extremely peaceful to me. Peace for you could be traveling, watching a movie, (dancing naked, ahem) ... Peace in my opinion is when you unwind so you can recharge your creative mind.

#5 – Encouraging Happiness – I’m my happiest when I’m writing or spending hours with a loved one over coffee (affogato at Amethyst... ooh yess!) Some jazz also makes me happy. The combo of coffee + writing + jazz is pretty heavenly for me. What’s it for you? (Yes! you know, THAT) Do more of THAT in your life. Encourage more of what makes you happy, truly happy (Netflix and chill doesn’t count, sorry)

#6 – Receiving Guidance – The best way I receive guidance in my life is by reading, learning, talking to smart people. Gosh! You learn so much. There’s so much inspiration around you if you try to look for it you easily receive it.

#7 – Farewell, the past – Remember the pensieve that Dumbledore had? That’s what I think of each time I think of the past memories. It’s not possible to “Throw away” the painful memories but we can put them away and revisit the memories that once made us happy. That’s the best way I’ve learnt to farewell the past and stay in my present.

I use this as a way to refocus each time I lose hope or feel disappointed.

Doesn’t hurt to repeat myself when I say, I do this often and not just one time. (Practice makes Confident)

Look we have only 24 hours in a day, of which we spend 6/7ish hours sleeping and the rest of the time we’re really killing ourselves to make money, spend time with our loved ones and spend quality time with ourselves.

Any kind of helpful distraction can be productive but an unhealthy distraction can create a setback we would’ve never even Imagined, remember that time? (Think)

Also, you’ve got a choice (remember that), you can live in this stress and chaos or reap the benefits of these steps I just shared. I know It’s not going to magically change your life instantly (but who knows it might just!) But I promise you regular practice of consciously using these steps will help you change your perspective. You’ll be able to attract more and achieve more easily and most importantly live happily.


Sounds like something you might enjoy? I hope you buy the mini-course today for a better experience, I swear by it.

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Thank you for stopping by!

Pause, Breathe, Dream



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