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Anita Singh

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My name is Anita Singh and I am a freelance photographer based in Mumbai. I have been working as one since 2015. I started my company “Snaap Photography” that provides candid photography services to its customers. I specialize in Pre-Wedding, Wedding, Birthday parties and lots more.

Photography for me started as a hobby back when I was in 8th grade. I was a person who had no direction in her life. The decision of a career changed every month. Making a decision is never tough, for me at least. It’s what comes after making that decision. It was during my junior year in college that I decided to be a photographer and chose to pursue a graduation in Mass Media.

It might sound like a movie narration right now, but it’s true, to be successful you have to break free of all hurdles. My biggest hurdle was to convince my dad. I come from a bossy family and it is tough to choose something completely out of the box. In my case becoming an artist. My dad didn’t approve of my profession, in fact he didn’t want me to work. I had to leave an assignment after just two days of work because of him. After lots of fights and convincing he finally came around and now appreciates of what I do but yes I still do get scolded if I return home late. But there has been no turning back ever since.

I get inspired everyday by thousands of amazing photographers who make it their job to capture amazing clicks and bring a smile on everyone face. As a photographer it’s important to get that perfect click and make your client happy because that’s what makes me happy too. This one time I was so down and I received a mail from my client saying “Lovely pictures, thank you so much. Keep up the good work Beti” just made my day and I forgot my sadness. This is what keeps me going every day.

Running my company successfully completely my own makes me happy. For now I am independent, I say this is in my head but I know I am still dependent on my parents for many things. I still have a long way to go!

There are going to be challenges and a lot of competition but it’s important you make sure to give your best and not demoralize yourself. There are good days and then there are bad, so during those bad days try to find the good in every little thing.

People say dream only what you can achieve but I believe if you can dream it, you can definitely achieve it. So don’t let anyone stop you from making your dreams come true.

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