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Hello Dear Readers,

This is vaishu aka vaishnavi a self-taught artist who loves art in all forms – music, cinema, paintings and photography. I’ve completed MS Software engineering and worked as a software engineer for around three years to justify my degree.

All great changes are preceded by chaos and so was mine. After some strong motivations and feedbacks I quit my job and took up the role of art and craft teacher. I get inspired by people I meet day in and day out, inspiration is all around, you just have to pick up on it.

I’m very poor at replicating what I see, I can only paint what runs in my head and that is what make my art more thoughtful. Doodling and painting thoughts and moods has more soul, especially when the receiver understands what you truly wanted to convey (that is like real reward :D).

I love experimenting paints on different mediums (stones, wood barks, dried leaves, teabags), basically unusual stuff attract me and serve as my canvas.

For now I’m working on collaborations with various brands on fabric paintings and will soon start an online store where my handmade art and craft products will be on display ready for sale. I’ve really not set any definitive goal, but someday I wish to see myself running an ART café with lots of food, music and art.

Doing what you love will give you immense happiness rather than doing anything else, trust me on this! I believe that art and creativity is within our self and it’s only about the moment of self-discovery.

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