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Deeba Rajpal

Deeba (1)

“I am Deeba Rajpal, a Food Stylist, food blogger and a hobby baker at Passionate About Baking. Fascination with food and baking came after I got married, and got into the kitchen. A few hits and misses later, I found my feet! There was no looking back…

It never crossed my mind of dreaming to become a professional baker. I had time on hand and an internet connection. I discovered food blogs by chance while surfing for recipes online. I was smitten! A digital camera meant that taking and uploading pictures was simple too.

I guess it was an easy decision. Didn’t give it much thought. It was what came to me naturally, what I enjoyed doing. I didn’t even realise that Passionate About Baking had become a brand! As usual, I was busy doing what I enjoyed. The ‘blue ticks’ on FB and Instagram made me sit up and take notice!

I found I enjoyed baking, and then writing down recipes. Blogging meant I could take pictures and upload them too at no extra cost! Food photography was a natural next, then came styling food frames. Food styling was what really allowed my creativity to grow.

I am constantly inspired by the sea of creativity I wake up to every morning. On the net, in old cities, the local bazaar, artisans, people, chefs, nature, seasons, vintage things, fabric, glass, wood, metal, old books …everything inspires me!

Happily enough, no hurdles/difficulties. I was and am still quite focussed on what I enjoy doing, and I think that works best for me. Of course, I’ve made a few mistakes, but I learn quickly from them. That might be because of my positive approach to life, a different perspective and accepting what is on my plate. I fortunately stay inspired from season to season and that is enough to keep my creative energy going. I am really happy in my space. I have absolutely no pressure, I love what I do and it keeps me very busy.

I now hold food styling classes with Darter, a photography enterprise based in Bangalore. It is most satisfying to see how well people respond, have a ‘eureka moment’ and are so enthusiastic.

I am too practical minded a person so I barely ever dream. That being said, I have seen other people’s dreams come true, so I believe if you hold on to the wings of your dreams, they will come true. Might take time, and some hardship but you’ll get there. My advice would be to keep the dreams real, stay focussed and know that challenges are opportunities in disguise!

Dream big. Be honest and work hard. Practice makes perfect. There is no end to learning. Be a good listener, a large hearted sharer and contribute to the community. You must remember that there is enough place for everyone in this world”.

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