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Half Baked Beans


Half Baked Beans Team

My name is Chetan Soni and the name of publishing house is Half Baked Beans. I am an MBA by education but always had interest in storytelling. My other interests are sports and experimenting with food. HBB is primarily a publishing house where we publish books but along with that it is a reading and writing platform as well where one can showcase their writings.

It was always a dream to do something on my own. Publishing house appeared to be a platform for telling stories and thus it was started.

It was an easy decision to start but difficult to sustain it and continue with it due to several reasons. I am very thankful to my parents who have supported me at each step and never stopped me to pursue what I wanted to.

There has been no particular individual who inspired me but I would get inspiration by artists, creators, entrepreneurs who took up a challenge to live life their own way. The major inspiration was not to have regrets in life later on not trying to do something which you wanted to.

The biggest hurdle has been financials and the general attitude/mentality towards start-ups in India. We started with an aim to bridge a gap that exists in the writing industry and it has been smooth as well as a tough ride. The publishing industry in India is disorganized and that is one of the major problems. Also the environment around start-ups is not much favourable in our country and we are forced /suggested to take up the safe option and not pursue our dreams. In my opinion the hurdles lie more in the mind of people than actual.

It gives us happiness to see somebody else’s dream of getting published, come true. When somebody appreciates our efforts it makes us happy. Personally for me happiness means satisfaction and we are not yet completely satisfied. We have a lot more to achieve and explore.

I do believe in dreams and if I have to motivate somebody I would just say two things :-

Life is all about making choices and there is a lot to choose from.”

“We live by the choices we make.

I would like to conclude by thanking you for providing this opportunity to showcase my thoughts and considering us worthwhile of getting interviewed. If you wish to get your dream book published, you can get in touch with us on either of the social media sites. You can also get in touch on our website, and while you are at it, please do check our services and published books!

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