How I started my Journey as an entrepreneur + A special surprise for you

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I used to call myself an accidental Entrepreneur. I started my business because I honestly didn’t want to work for anyone else. I’d had a string of disappointing jobs and even though I was good at what I did I could never experience the freedom and use my creativity the way I wanted to. Going to work each day wasn’t fun at all. Apart from a pay check there wasn’t any incentive that would take me to work each day. After a lot of thinking and convincing myself I managed to quit my job and start my own business. Even though I wasn’t sure what to do I just started. Today I’m on the other side and it’s exactly what I’ve wanted to do. I can see my dreams unfolding and the rush of creativity is no match to what any job could offer me.

I know and understand how disappointing it can be to not do the kind of work you were meant to do.

  • Are you someone who has always dreamed or wanted to start something of your own? Only to realize you’ve got no idea what to do?

  • Are you someone who has way too many ideas for a business and cannot seem to narrow down on just one idea?

  • Too nervous or feel as if it’s too late to start a business?

I get it. I’ve been there. Each time I dreamed of starting my business I would look at the websites of business coaches based abroad. I would seek help by reading the blog articles they wrote and the business tips they put out. But what I really hoped was someone who was from here and who was ready to work with someone who wanted a basic, small business.

My initial year as an Entrepreneur was a challenge. I started consulting and counselling back when I’d just begun. I made way too many mistakes some of which could’ve been avoided. I really lacked structure and organization. Even though you know what you want to do, sometimes doing it without any kind of education or mentorship can be frustrating. Even though I was doing okay with my business I felt I wasn’t happy. I wasn’t reaching the right kind of audience and somewhere I felt that my passion was different than the work I was doing. My basics or the foundation of what I wanted to do seemed weak and lacked the support. I wanted to improve and I realized I could no longer bang my head against the wall trying to figure it out all on my own.

While somethings you figure out on your own, there are still a few things you need a bit of guidance with. I’ve coached many entrepreneurs who’ve had hiccups about starting their business but once they have, I’ve only seen them grow and thrive.

Does this resonate with you too?

Having your own business allows you to be your own boss and having all the freedom in the world to do things in your own time. I’ve met a few women who’ve wanted to start their own business but haven’t any clue as to what to do. Being a life coach and not a business coach I wish I could offer a solution.

And so, I met Shreya Sharan Pawar. She’s a business mentor and an entrepreneur. I’d personally consulted with her for my business troubles and she seemed like the perfect person to introduce you to in case you wanted to start your own business and needed help.

Shreya has an amazing program called “Dream Biz Discovery”. We decided to collaborate on this program and present to you so you could start today and work on that big beautiful dream business of yours.


The course

It’s called “Dream Biz Discovery” This is a self-study course that teaches you how to get started with your business. If you’ve got a calling and strongly feel that the world needs it, this course is for you! If you’ve been waiting to do something of your own but you’re lost as to how to get ahead with it, this course is for you. Shreya created this lovely course especially keeping the Indian woman in mind relating to the Indian scenario which really attracted me to her services and course in the first place. As an Indian woman herself she understands the desire to work from home while taking care of the family, the need to make a good contribution to the finances at home, to be able to utilize your talents and strengths.

This course will guide you and this course give you clarity whether you’re a stay at home Mom, retired, have never ventured into business before. This course is the perfect base and start for you.

This course has 6 strong modules where Shreya teaches you in detail about what does it mean to start the business as an Indian woman. She’s clear in each module about the idea, formation and evaluation of your business idea. Whether you want to start a big, medium or small business she teaches you how to get started.

The Modules

There are 6 modules. 9 videos. Worksheets. 8 Bonuses.

  • Module 1 is all about introducing the course and what it means to start your business as an Indian woman. Giving yourself a chance to discover yourself, overcome the inhibitions and getting ready to live the life of your dreams.

  • In Module 2 she teaches you all about your discovering your passion and how it makes for a business idea. What do you enjoy doing? What are your strengths? How can that help make into a business?

  • Module 3 goes deeper into how you an get paid for your passion and start your dream business. How do you want to operate? How to make the optimum use of what you have?

  • Module 4 is about your uniqueness and speciality. How to approach your business ideas in different ways. Question and Brainstorm ideas.

  • Module 5 tells you more about how your business can be evaluated so that it’s time to launch it into the world. Will your business sustain? Is there a need for your business?

  • Module 6 is about winding up and you getting down to serious business. And it doesn’t end here, Shreya gives you 8 great bonuses you shouldn’t miss out on.

She’s given important and valuable worksheets along with each module which are easy to download and print. You don’t want to miss these.

Is this course right for you?

Its been more than a year since I started my business, I discovered Shreya’s course recently and I’m so glad I went through it. I could see my already existing business from a different perspective and it gave me structure.

This course is right for you

· if you’ve always wanted to start a business.

· If you want to know which business is good for you and how to pick the one that’s for your highest good.

· If you’ve been at your business but nothing’s really working out

· If you want to start a new business (trust me this can help!)

My experience

Honestly, I needed this program when I’d just started out. It would’ve really helped me. When I started, I was lost in this new world of entrepreneurship. Even though I kind of had an idea I’m doing completely different from what I’d started. This course helped me get more insight into the basics of starting a business.

This course leaves you feeling so confident about getting started immediately. I literally told her, “Where were you 5 years ago!” :D I worked on the worksheets and went through each module before and after I filled them to let her words sink in and for more clarity.

Being an entrepreneur is not just about money. It’s about creating something you love because the world needs it.

Also, I’ve to warn you before you sign up that this isn’t a becoming quick rich program but a chance to learn something that can really fill you up, make you want to get out of your bed each day not just for your husband or children but for you. It honestly doesn’t matter if you start small, each step you take is going to take you a step closer to your dreams and change your life.

I’ve got a surprise for you

Shreya’s “Dream Biz Discovery” Course is priced at INR 999 but since I want you to benefit from this amazing course you can use my code NIKITA300 and avail the course at a discount of 30% or click the link below. “Surprise!”

Doesn’t get better than this. Your dreams and your passion are now just a click away. Go for it.

If you need further information you can click on this link and read all about the course and contact Shreya directly.

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