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How I started my Journey as an entrepreneur

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I used to call myself an accidental Entrepreneur. I started my business because I honestly didn’t want to work for anyone else. I’d had a string of disappointing jobs and even though I was good at what I did I could never experience the freedom and use my creativity the way I wanted to. Going to work each day wasn’t fun at all. Apart from a pay check there wasn’t any incentive that would take me to work each day. After a lot of thinking and convincing myself I managed to quit my job and start my own business. Even though I wasn’t sure what to do I just started. Today I’m on the other side and it’s exactly what I’ve wanted to do. I can see my dreams unfolding and the rush of creativity is no match to what any job could offer me.

I know and understand how disappointing it can be to not do the kind of work you were meant to do.

  • Are you someone who has always dreamed or wanted to start something of your own? Only to realize you’ve got no idea what to do?

  • Are you someone who has way too many ideas for a business and cannot seem to narrow down on just one idea?

  • Too nervous or feel as if it’s too late to start a business?

I get it. I’ve been there. Each time I dreamed of starting my business I would look at the websites of business coaches based abroad. I would seek help by reading the blog articles they wrote and the business tips they put out. But what I really hoped was someone who was from here and who was ready to work with someone who wanted a basic, small business.

My initial year as an Entrepreneur was a challenge. I started consulting and counselling back when I’d just begun. I made way too many mistakes some of which could’ve been avoided. I really lacked structure and organization. Even though you know what you want to do, sometimes doing it without any kind of education or mentorship can be frustrating. Even though I was doing okay with my business I felt I wasn’t happy. I wasn’t reaching the right kind of audience and somewhere I felt that my passion was different than the work I was doing. My basics or the foundation of what I wanted to do seemed weak and lacked the support. I wanted to improve and I realized I could no longer bang my head against the wall trying to figure it out all on my own.

While somethings you figure out on your own, there are still a few things you need a bit of guidance with. I’ve coached many entrepreneurs who’ve had hiccups about starting their business but once they have, I’ve only seen them grow and thrive.

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