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7 ways to bring in more peace in your life? Module for a client

I have a preference in the services I offer. I love to work with my clients for a longer time because there’s just so much we can cover and there’s so much freedom in the pace and time, there’s a sense of security and comfort. Honestly, I love to create outlines for the 7-week program based on what my clients need to work on.

I’ve worked with clients on various topics such as, confidence, stress, procrastination, anger, self-improvement, Communication, Mindset shift, Letting go of past, Slowing down and more on similar lines. But recently I had an application my way from someone who was looking for some much-needed peace and quiet in her life.

A way to feel calm, balanced and grounded. This was so necessary and the outlined I created for her was something she loved.

She assumed the program would be more on the lines of breathing but I gave her a much-detailed way to bring in more peace without a lot of emphasis on meditation or breathing. My approach for this particular program was Visualization, Breath-work, Counselling and Journal Prompts.

The results that she experienced made her very happy and I somehow felt the need to share this outline with you, just in case you’re looking for a way to bring in peace as well.

Just to let you know – This outline was designed especially for her. It’s a bespoke module based on her current challenges and needs. Due to the fact that peace was a strong variable and the primary challenge I wanted to share this with you.

You can either take the entire program the way it is, including the activities I gave her or you can just take the outline. You can go about it however you like.

Session 01 – Become Aware

In session 01 we worked on acknowledging the current challenge and problem she’s going through. To bring to awareness to overcome the denial and pain. So, the entire week she had to bring to awareness how she was feeling and practice visualization.

Session 02 – Quieten the Mind

In session 02 we worked on quieten the Mind, especially the negative mind chatter, negative self-talk. The challenge was to understand why the self-talk kept happening and let go of some very painful memories of the past. The entire week she was to shift her words from negative to appreciative.

Session 03 – Letting Go

In Session 03 we discussed on certain habits and beliefs that she was still holding on to that didn’t serve her anymore. She was too strict with herself and a perfectionist which prevented her from relaxing. So, this entire week I re-changed her schedule and gave her less to do. I asked her to make a note of every mistake she made and acknowledge it with compassion.

Session 04 – Slowing Down

In session 04 we discussed about ways she could slow down. As she was a perfectionist, she didn’t spend any free time on her so we came up with routines that allowed her to spend more time on her such as a self care routine, morning routine, night routine etc., she told me she’d never felt that alive in a long time.

Session 05 – Make space

In session 05 I asked her to pick a hobby she liked but couldn’t make time for and I asked her to de-clutter. She needed to prioritize the things that were absolutely important and things that weren’t. At home, at work, relationships she needed to let go of and make space for more.

Session 06 – Being Present

In session 06 we worked on closure. She was holding onto some very bad memories that were ruining her happiness and created a huge block in her life. We worked on getting that closure. So she could finally move on and be present.

Session 07 – Self reflection

In the last and final session, we discussed about her improvements and what she needed to focus on. We discussed the next steps she needed to take. She was very happy with the way she’d made these changes. They were simple changes but very challenging. She felt more at peace than she usually was feeling.

Of course, there was a lot of counselling and the visualization that really motivated her to overcome her emotional and mental blockages. She has to regularly put into practice all the changes she made in these sessions.

Sometimes the chaos, whether its internal or external can really get to us and it can really disturb us in ways we can't imagine. I don’t believe we have a particular manual that can help bring more peace in. Closing your eyes and taking a few breaths help, visualization helps but honestly peace is what you make of it. Its based on the choices you make and the mindset you adapt. It takes a lot of hard work and mindful practices to find the peace that you’re searching for.

With my client, the outline I created was keeping her need in mind. It wasn’t a blueprint for her peaceful life but clarity she really needed. The clarity that slowing down and letting go wasn’t a sign of weakness or that indulging in a little self-care wasn’t selfish. She realized that it is okay to make mistakes and not obsess over it. All these little changes helped her bring in some peace.


I hope this article helps in bringing some peace in your life. If you do happen to use this outline do share your experience with me. If you’d like some clarity of your own or you’d like to work in a particular area of your life, take a look at the services offered and apply soon.


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