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Rohita – Roia Jewelry


I am an engineer turned jewellery artist. I started my career as a jewellery artist a bit later in life and it was quiet a journey.

I did my engineering in electronics and communication. During my course of engineering I got into jewellery making as a hobby. I was self taught and made a lot of costume jewellery.

Growing up I was always drawn to creativity, to telling a story through an expressive form and jewellery just happened to be the medium.Having loved fashion for most of my life I was always intrigued by the creation process. I wanted to create a different outlet for women to adorn themselves. So decided to take jewellery making seriously after completing my engineering.

I applied for a jewellery school in London(London Jewellery School) and underwent a professional training in jewellery making and designing. I can work with ten different mediums of jewellery now. I used my passion as a foundation to start a business of my own.

ROIA as label was born in London. I was doing my jewellery course in London and had to come up with a brand name for my graduate collection. I chose ROIA which is a combination of letters from my name.Unlike most of the designers , I was not keen on naming my jewellery line after my name.Hence the combination and it feels equally personal. ROIA means “a dream or “a vision” in Persian.

After completing my course I came back to India and officially started ROIA in October 2014. I opened a Facebook page and used that as a platform to showcase my work and its process. As a brand you’re a story teller – that is one of my most favourite things about the business – the branding and communications.

I grew up in an environment that was very encouraging towards my creativity and it was accepted that I would do well as an artist in a creative field. I wish everyone was given that opportunity to follow their dreams. There is no such thing called a right time.If you have an idea , you should just act on it. I believe in the saying “Live the life you have imagined”.

Instagram : @Roiajewelry

Stores: MAAL GAADI , Chennai TIMRI , Bangalore OMO (ON MY OWN) , Mumbai & Goa

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