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Ruchi Patel


Hello my name is Ruchi Patel. I am the owner of Ruhh Studio. Ruhh studio is based on earthy and handcrafted accessories.

Honestly, I am not an art student but as stroke of luck would have it now acclaim myself to be a born artist. Ever since known I would recycle and make things out of waste products for myself which with an innovative and unique touch to it.

It all took a turning point when I got pregnant. I was advised bed rest which became unbearable for me. Therefore, I started making things out of the fabric waste, mainly wood and other various materials. As a stroke of luck, I thought of bringing RUHH STUDIO to life before my baby was born.

That is how I started making products like bangles, neck pieces, earrings, etc. out of the fabric. All I needed was a Facebook page and uploaded these products. To my surprise people started liking my work and I started getting orders. I was 8th months pregnant that time. It was perfect like meditation for me to be aware and peaceful.

By the time I delivered I had two babies to cater to, one being my daughter and the other “Ruhh Studio”.

Each Product is a labour of love, conceived in moments of creative fervour and nurtured to perfection. What started off as a hobby has now translated into a vision of crafting new possibilities. Our environment is our inspiration and it is to that we ultimately pay tribute to. Eco friendly is the style we endorse and this is reflected in our choice of fabrics, patterns and colours.

Each thread speaks about the story of where it came from, where it has been and which part of culture, art and life it has experienced which gives birth to an accessory that will stimulate memories from your past.

I conclude my work as an Ode to women who don’t follow trends, but make one!

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