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Why is it important to go on a date with yourself?

Have you reached a stage in your life where even though you’re successful you still feel a bit disconnected with yourself? A part of you still longs to know about yourself.

A bit more? A lot more?

Are you in a relationship where, you are lost, maybe a bit unhappy? It’s never about you because you don’t know what you like or dislike? 

Do you want to be successful and influential but land up being influenced and led by someone successful?

Do you know why does this happen? Why are you so lost? Why are you so alone? Why are you following and not leading?

One of the basic and simple reason is because, you don’t like yourself enough for someone else to like you., you aren’t impressed with yourself for someone else to be impressed with you. You are relying on someone else to give you a shout out to remind you how good enough you truly are. You wear blinders when it comes to you and naturally cannot see your worth where it matters the most.

You don’t know yourself, you’re influenced by others and try to copy them instead of figuring out on your own.

Yes! That’s it! That is all you need to survive, achieve, excel, live and might I add – Conquer! You need to go on a date with yourself!

WHAT? A DATE? WHAT GOOD WILL THAT DO? - That would be your immediate response
“Alone time is when I distance myself from the voices of the world so I can hear my own.” — Oprah Winfrey

If you’re new to this concept or feel as if you’re the only weirdo out there who is going to do this, let me tell you, going on solo dates is quite trendy, especially if you want to take a break from the old ball and chain (work, relationship, marriage, responsibility, the whole shebang).

Why not go on a date with yourself to meet a whole new you? Ask yourself questions you might have never asked yourself before. Have a good time with yourself and evaluate whether you’re good enough to be in a relationship or be friends with. A lot of articles have been written about going on dates with yourself. A lot of them approve of this concept and have quoted that their lives have changed forever.

It is also a wonderful way to get some self-awareness and clarity about your life, your choices and preferences. What better way to know yourself better that showing yourself a good time, eh?

Isn’t it awkward and utter depressing to go on a solo date? – Not at all!

Quite honestly, it is doing something out of the ordinary, which makes the whole process really classy. 


Thank you so much for reading – I hope this article would have helped you understand the importance of Me time or how essential it is to spend quality time with yourself.

Do write to me and let me know in what ways do you spend quality time with yourself?

🖤 Nikita


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