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4 simple methods of making tough decisions

2018 is going to come to an end In a few days and what an eventful year it has been. I wouldn’t say it’s been my most rewarding year but it’s taught me quite a lot to say the least. One of the things I learnt is how to be an entrepreneur tagged with all the highs and lows. I wouldn’t say I’ve completely figured it out. I don’t think anyone figures it “all” out. Just a few pieces here and there, BIG pieces. One important and big piece that I learnt was how to make tough decisions. I know it might sound basic and non-informative to you, but hang on and continue reading nonetheless. Because this learning really took me my surprise. 

Most of the traditional decision making relies on pros and cons, lists and more lists and I couldn’t agree more! However, when I think of decision making as an important concept, I’ve got to remind myself that the decisions we’ve got to make are based on a situation and most importantly these situations are organic, there’s never one guideline, one method that could be applied to all. 

In this article, I’d like to share my methods of decision making. Let’s take a look. 

Method #1 – 5 years from now – This method helps me save a lot of time and energy that I would ordinarily spend. I call it “5 years from now”. It’s as literal as it sounds. I make a note of the impact this decision is going to make in life 5 years from now. Usually if the impact is leaning toward a more positive, happy and consistent impact I go with it, but if I feel the impact is going to be more momentary, I choose to make a decision that is useful just “in the moment” if I don’t find the impact at all, I either archive it or completely discard it. 

Method #2 – Instant feeling – This is not the most ideal way of deciding but it helps me stay honest. If I’ve to make a decision I tend to see how I feel almost instantly toward the situation or options. Whatever I feel, for e.g., if I feel stressful or negative, I base my decisions accordingly. Like I said this isn’t the most ideal way but, it helps me stay as honest as I can, which helps me make a wiser decision. 

Method #3 - 24 hour wait – Some decisions are made in the heat of the moment. They are tangled with feelings. I tend to wait 24 hours before I actually work on them. Most of the decisions I made in the heat of the moment are not usually good for me and this method prevents me from the consequences. 

Method #4 – Trust your Gut – Oldest method that most of us use. Of course, the stakes are higher than usual but if you’re ready to face it and your gut feels happy and right, go for it! I listen to my gut when I’ve to make an important decision sometimes it works well, sometimes not but somehow, it’s still worth it. 

These are few methods that I use to make a decision. There’s no one way to make a decision but any method you choose, there needs to be a personal element to it. 


I hope these methods give you an idea. If you like any method and use it, do let me know how it turns out. Share this article with your loved ones. And thank you for dropping by. 

Pause, Breathe… Dream! 


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