• Nikita Vyas

5 Steps to win back your mojo(motivation)

“I’ve lost my will to work, I’ve lost my will to do anything at all, All the ideas are stuck and I find it difficult to move!” – Sounds familiar?

That is what happens when you lose your mojo or are simply not motivated enough to work, live, move, almost anything. It’s a universal experience. Most people go through this lack of motivation sometime or the other during their lifetime.

One minute its all great, you are doing 10 different things, running around here and there all charged up and the next minute – ‘Poof’ it’s all gone!

Why does this happen? When does movement turn to inertia? To answer this question – Let me be honest, there isn’t a concrete list of reasons. The most apparent or understandable reasons are –

  • A recent change in your life

  • Unable to make sound decisions

  • Going through a crisis

  • Monotony

  • Failure

  • Deadlines

  • Exertion

  • Unhappy with work

  • No goal or aim

  • Wrong goal

  • No external motivation

……..and the list can go on and on…

But the point here is that lack of motivation or lack of that jolt of energy can set back your confidence for your – self, work or your business for days, months, years even….

Is there anything that you can do about it?

Of Course, you can!

You can self-motivate yourself! Sounds tough!? It’s really not. All you need to do is stop all that you’re doing this instant and read these steps.

 Its actually pretty easy and quite fun to follow these few ideas.

1. Unlearn to focus a lot – Stop for a minute and ask yourself, “Where is all my focus at this moment?” “What am I obsessing over?” Did you get your answer? Now take a small break, relax, go for a walk or have some coffee. Simply, Pause for a while. Because whatever you are obsessing about clearly isn’t helping you. When you focus on negative or something unproductive odds are you will experience a sort of block, could be mental or creative. Take a break, distract yourself – Could be for a few minutes, for a few hours, days even. Take a pause, Relax and bounce back. You will notice an upgrade in your thoughts and your life.

2. Change Routine – I am sure you would have read or heard about this many many times. That’s because its true! I am not talking about huge changes but certain small ones can bring a boost in happiness, uplift your spirits and refill your creativity with newness. Changes such as, maintaining a simple morning routine or a night routine can bring a novelty in your life which will make you happy and energetic, A simple workout, a 5-minute meditation exercise, evening herbal teas, an amazing book to read before bedtime, cooking, playing with your kids, almost any change in your regular routine will help. 

3. Meet new people – So, what I mean by this is that meet people who will inspire you, motivate you or make you feel good. I don’t mean, throwing or going to a party where you get drunk and pass out. No! But, meet like-minded people, people who share your vision