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How to show up consistently with these 4 tips

One of the most challenging aspects of making changes is consistency. Showing up for what you really want and desire each day can be challenging.

The initial phase is always very euphoric. There’s a thrill and enthusiasm at the beginning. But the reason most people don’t achieve what they intend is that the fizz dies down soon enough. The excitement fades away. Slowly, there’s a lot of fear and uncertainty attached to the desired outcome. And eventually, the desire feels like work and it feels like too much pressure instead of something that could potentially make you happy.

In my years of experience in working with clients to guide them to be clearer and more confident about living the life they truly desire, I’ve learned that consistency makes a lot of difference. No matter what happens to still do the work and keep at it. Of course, there are dull days and scary days, but it’s important to show up to do the work, especially on those days.

But I’ve seen a shift in energy and the results they achieve when they do the work consistently.

When I had started to understand how energy, self-concept, and goals work in such a magical alignment I wasn’t really aware of the results I would achieve.

In the beginning, it felt chaotic, and to be honest with you, simply impossible to achieve my desires. I knew how energy works theoretically. I knew how important it was to reconnect with myself and understand my worth, confidence, my potential, and who I really am. It was difficult for me to look at my fears because I was worried, I would inadvertently manifest them again. I also knew that my limiting beliefs held me back from achieving or even admitting that I had these goals. In my own words – “I have big dreams but I can never achieve them, it’s impossible for me.” I’ve come a really long way to now saying – “I have big dreams and I can achieve anything I want.”

Have you ever felt afraid to say that you can achieve all that you want because there’s a sense of hopelessness in you? Is there a belief of hopelessness in your desires? Do you catch yourself saying that you shouldn’t even think of dreaming big because that’s just never going to happen?

I completely understand this feeling. I hear this often when I work with my clients. I used to say it too. But I now understand the power of mindset shifts and simple tools that can help me achieve anything that I set my mind to.

I don’t know what you would like to achieve but, in this article, I want to share a few tips about how you can be more consistent in order to achieve all that you want. These are very simple but very powerful tips that have made a huge difference in people’s lives. Hope they help you too.

1. Clarity on the Big Picture –

Believe me, I know how frustrating this can be. Clarity is something I spent and still spend so much time on. I need to know what I want before I set out to work on it. It seems like the basic thing, right? But when you actually get started, the major questions follow then which leads to confusion and chaos within the mind. I’ve known to oscillate between whether I really want this particular desire or whether is it not that worthy or important to spend my energy and focus on. Am I on the right path by choosing this need or want or goal? And sometimes the answers don’t come very easily. I’ve often found myself making a pros and cons list of how will my life look like if I get what I want and if I don’t get what I want. What does the big picture look like? Is working on this worth the effort?

So, if you’re still trying to work on the big picture and trying to get clarity on what exactly is it that you want, please be patient and allow yourself to think beyond your own fears and limiting beliefs. Allow your imagination to take over and think for you. This is something I tell my clients all the time they feel stuck or dull. Having clarity makes showing up easy so spend a good amount of time on it. Allow yourself to get started without too much hesitation or doubt. Sometimes clarity also comes from actually getting started. And remember, you’re allowed to change your big picture if you change your mind.

2. Reframe the mind chatter –

Your mind is always going to challenge you from time to time. If you’ve come across the term ‘inner critic’ (it’s just your own mind trying to criticize you) will show up more often than you consciously remember as you get started on your goals and dreams. Your mind is used to the limiting beliefs and has been giving you the same perception of all that you’ve been repeating to it constantly. If you’ve come across the term ‘negativity bias’ (it’s the tendency to expect danger in the face of something unexpected or uncertain) our mind is used to perceiving danger as soon as we try to shift the mindset. In order to calm the mind chatter, try to show up compassionately for yourself and keep appreciating yourself. I often use positive affirmations to change my mindset shift. I have a conversation with my inner critic and remind her that this thought is from a past trauma or incident and I no longer need to be afraid or worried today. Speaking and comforting my inner critic soothes me and I see a sense of a shift in my mindset to something more calming if not positive.

It's easy to get swayed when the inner critic shows up. It’s easy to believe everything your inner critic tells you but you can choose again to think differently and believe differently. It’s not that difficult once you get started. With regular practice it actually gets easy.

3. Focus on the intention, not the timing –

It’s kind of normal and natural to focus on when you will receive the desired outcome. We rarely like to wait and often get impatient as the days keep passing and we don’t see tangible movement toward the outcome we want. It’s obvious to question and have doubts. But what helps me is the intention toward this goal or outcome. I question myself and keep asking myself, why do I really want that? What’s my reason? Knowing this helps me stay on the goal and the distractions tend to fade away. It can appear very daunting to keep going toward something you may not be sure of achieving and having strong intentions helps to show up. Practicing a lot of writing the goals has usually helped me a lot emotionally and mentally. I would certainly advise that you journal as much as you can.

4. Understand how you show up –

I’ve always believed that you receive the way you show up. If you’re going to show up with anxiety, fear, and confusion, that’s exactly how your journey will unfold. However, if you show up feeling confident, mindful, balanced, and calm that’s how the journey you’ll unfold. It’s okay to get impatient and feel restless from time to time when you’re trying to achieve something and working on your goals but, the calmer you are the less anxious you feel and therefore you attract the desired outcome and goal faster and with the least resistance. Uncertainty is natural but it doesn’t have to be very intense or full of fear. It can be easy if you do the required work.

I’ve found these tips to be very useful to stay dedicated to your goals and work. Not to mention patience, gratitude, and kindness are tools you always need with you irrespective of how your life unfolds. I believe that with consistent work and belief you can certainly achieve all that you really want and desire. It’s a journey that is definitely worth the effort and dedication.

I’d like to also mention that you may fully resonate with these tips and you may not connect with them and that’s okay. Take what you feel works for you and leave what doesn’t. My intention is to make sure your energies are in sync with your intentions so you may attract better and faster.

Since these are generalized tips, you may need to make them work for you instead of following them the way they are. Take a moment of your time to see how these can be customized for you right now.

Please remember, keep living your life and adding a lot of happiness each day. Don’t allow anything to stop you from living your life. You will easily achieve your desired outcome if you show up consistently and gracefully.

Thank you for reading.

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