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8 Journal Prompts on how to heal your Inner Child

  • Have you ever felt that sometimes when you’re at your extreme low you tend to refer instances from your childhood or experiences from your past that you’ve had to deal with as a child?

  • Do you find yourself complaining not from a place of an adult but like a child would?

  • Have you ever felt weirded out after an outburst or an emotional release and wondered where did all the resentment and grief come from?

I recently had such an outburst and felt as afraid as though searching for faith and trust. I suddenly felt like a 13-year-old, crying, feeling lost. It took me back to the time my father passed away and my life had changed in one day. Nothing was the same and it felt as if the 13-year-old in me was still trying to process it all. It was unpleasant to say the least and even then I couldn’t stop myself from saying and feeling the way I was feeling.

With all the Psychological jargons thrown in the air I’m sure you must’ve come across the term or concept of - “Inner Child”. Yup! That. It’s not complicated and obviously doesn’t mean – to have a child in you (unless, of course you’re pregnant)

To put it simply, the Inner-child is about the child within you that is a part of your personality. Most of us are in touch with our inner-child, mostly subconsciously. Most people realize about their inner-child after they experience a trauma or a life changing event. Even though most people have a healthy childhood it’s possible for their inner-child to undergo something that changes the way they feel and think about them as a person, especially as an adult.

As a 30 year old adult today it can be really messed up to still feel so hung up about all those feelings and I couldn’t realize and make out as to what was really going on so I did what I thought would help, I started journaling and decided to open a Tarot Spread.

Q 1 – What is your Inner child feeling currently?

Q 2 – As a child what did you always lack or were deprived of?

Q 3 – What is your Inner child afraid of?

Q 4 – In what way is this affecting your life right now?

Q 5 – How can you provide love and care to your inner-child?

Q 6 – If you had to say something to your inner child right now what would you say?

Q 7 – In what way can you support your Inner child right now?

Q 8 – A quality you had as a child that you’re fond of and wish you still had it in you?

Since I create my own Tarot spreads from my journal prompts, I went ahead and created a spread from these prompts.

Even though my business and career focus on Personal Development, which means I ‘should’ know more, I’ve come to realize there are still certain areas and situations in my life that reveal so much more than what I’ve encountered and learned about me. In these past 2 years I’ve learned to slowly embrace the fun lighter side of me, without judging too much simply because from time to time I do listen to what my inner child needs. Especially when I feel stuck creatively, emotionally and mentally. Which is why when the answers in my spread spoke so much about that one defining moment, I knew this outburst was about me as a child when I was 13 and the emotions and feelings I experienced then.

It’s difficult to articulate with precision as to how it works for everyone since we all have a plethora of emotions and feelings, the way we react to the same situation also differs from one another.

When working with a client either through Life Coaching I often see them come face to face with the cause of their limitations deep rooted within the pent-up feelings and emotions of their Inner-child. A part of them that’s always needed either love, validation, approval or has struggled with fear, anxiety etc, that tends to interfere with they way they feel about them as adults now, personally as well as professionally. Resulting in their self-doubt, anxiety, procrastination, pain and guilt, their need to be perfect, body shaming and so much more.

It takes a lot of courage to accept and process these feelings and emotions. It takes a lot of courage to talk to the inner-child in you who’s so scared, afraid and lost that you just want to hug her and not let go. All the while trying to convince her that everything’s going to be okay – now as an adult.

People react differently toward their experiences and feelings about their inner-child. And the best thing to do is to give your inner-child the attention it really needs even today and try to provide the comfort she’s looking for. Kindness, Compassion and Empathy are key elements in this along with unconditional and infinite support.

Journal Prompt
How to heal your Inner Child - Journal P
Download • 8.60MB

Just so you can get a good start, I’ve created a journal Prompt freebie which is easy to download. I hope you claim it and get started. Even if things are amazing and healthy in your life right now (Yay! to that) it still wouldn’t hurt to give these prompts a go.

Hope this serves you well.


If you’re looking for a way to self-heal yourself you may want to give the downloads in the shop a look. They are easy to follow, extremely effective and a digital download which means instant access.

If you’re looking for a way to dig in further, I highly recommend we work together through Life Coaching

Thank you for stopping by!

Pause, breathe, dream..



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