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9 Journaling blocks you should let go of if you're a beginner

I remember as a child, saving pocket money just so I could buy new one journals (diaries, we called them). But little did I know, journaling would be my saviour as an adult. 

It's true. I've hoarded many journals over the years and each time I read them I'm either in awe or shocked to see a change in my thoughts and me. I’m a firm believer that journaling can do wonders for you and your mind. It’s a healthy detox for your mind. Over the years journaling has picked up a lot of vibe. There’s been a ton of research that proves the goodness of journaling, some of which I’ll be sharing with you in this article. 

But before I do I want to tackle some blocks or doubts you may have regarding journaling, I get asked these a lot of times and I’ve combined a few for you.

So, let’s get started – 

Journaling block #1 – “I’m not a (good) writer” – Let me let you in on a secret, if you think you’re not a writer or as good of a writer, that’s probably the best part. Confused!? I’ll explain. The fact is no one is watching your stuff to analyse it or give you a feedback over your written piece. Journaling is very personal and private and for your eyes only. The reason why most people love journaling as a practice for a mental detox is because they’re absolutely free from the burden of being right and wrong. 

Journaling block #2 – “I need a nice journal to write” – If this is what’s holding you back then girl this is definitely in your mind. If you ask about my journaling I write anywhere and everywhere (apart from walls and floors obviously) I mean I’ve written on shreds of paper, my study notebooks, my bills (the ones I don’t need no more) in fancy journals, sheets of paper, in my phone, sticky notes, just about anywhere. The point of journaling is to give you a release emotionally and mentally it doesn’t really matter if you’ve a sheet of paper or a fancy new journal. If you’d like to probably cherish your work or it’s a hobby by all means buy fancy books but don’t let it prevent you from writing. See, right there’s a piece of paper. 

Journaling block #3 – “I need a proper time to write- I’m way too busy to spare time” – I hear this a lot and let me tell you, journaling doesn’t need to be serious or uptight or have any scheduling. Most people prefer to write in the morning as they begin their day. Some people write it in the middle of the day or the end of the day. I write whenever I want. I just scribble it all down each time I feel overwhelmed, exhausted or angry. 

Journaling block #4- “I don’t know what to write about” – This is really not rocket science. Since there’s no one to supervise your work you can write anything. A poem, a few cuss words maybe, something from the past, something funny, a phrase, a quote, an incident, an idea, a closure, gratitude, just about anything. To help you get started I’ve some amazing Journal prompts that can help you write as well as get some clarity and perspective.

Journaling block #5 – “Does it have to be in a particular language?” – Absolutely not! Journaling is about you. Write or journal in any language that you’re comfortable in. This practice of journaling is supposed to make you feel lighter and calmer. It’s applicable to any culture any language that you want to write it in. 

Journaling block #6 – “I can’t write pages and pages long” – Okay, Don’t! There’s no rule here which says you’ve got to fill pages or even one page or even half a page. Have just one sentence to write? Brilliant! Write it. Does it help? Is it making you feel lighter and feel as if a burden’s been lifted!? Perfect! That’s all it takes. Its not about how much you write it’s about making you feel lighter and better after writing. 

Journaling block #7 – “Is it okay to write negative toward something or someone?” – Yes! It absolutely is. In fact, it’s a wonderful way to let go of all that anger, guilt, frustration that you’ve been holding onto since forever and just can’t seem to get it all out, especially when confrontation is not an option. 

Journaling block #8 – “Should I save all my written stuff?” That is totally up to you. I tend to save my written stuff for the future. But I’ve also thrown away quite a lot where I’ve written about a bad memory or toward a person. But I’ve also saved a few that tend to give me perspective and encouragement over time like the failures I’ve experienced or the times I had an insight or a lesson. So, it totally depends on you. 

Journaling block #9 – “Is it only for Introverts?” – Absolutely not! Although introverts are naturally good at it, its not limited to introverts. It’s a technique that can be practiced by anyone as long as you enjoy it. 

So, there you have it. 9 blocks that prevent you from experiencing journaling.


Hope this article encourages you to start journaling soon. Feel free to share this article to anyone who might need it. If you liked the article do let me know via email or leave your comment via the form below. Thank you so much for reading.

🖤 Nikita


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