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A simple morning routine that can help you get a productive start to the day

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We’ve all been guilty of waking up and hitting the snooze or waking up and immediately check our Instagram notifications. In this digital age it does tend to become a ritual to wake up and check our phones before even opening our eyes properly. But over time, this tends to wear you down. It tends to give you a more stressful start to the day which can get extremely demotivating and tiring. 

I’ve been guilty of waking up to check my Instagram notifications and it really demotivated me. I’d drag myself out of bed all the while thinking about my next post for the day. It was exhausting to keep up. 

A lot of my clients tell me the trauma they go through every morning. Whether it’s getting ready for work or getting the kids ready for school. There’s not enough time and each morning is dreadful. 

In this article I’m going to share my morning routine. I will admit to not being absolutely disciplined about it but I improve each day.  

#1 Waking up with a little compassion – I’ve been a night person since a few years and waking up in the morning was a stressful experience for me. So, instead of feeling really bad about waking up late or later than what I’d decided, I’m quite compassionate with myself. I stay calm, my alarm has a soothing tone, I stretch a bit. I like to pray in bed or say an affirmation before I get out of bed. 

#2 Some “Me time” - No matter what time I wake up I take my journal and my coffee to a quiet place and scribble whatever I feel or think. It really helps me emotionally, I feel lighter and calmer throughout the day. I also make my to-do list during this time. Getting it all on paper makes me feel sorted. 

#3 Yoga + Meditation (or gym/sport) – I’ve been practicing yoga since years now. I’ve stuck to it and practicing yoga in the morning fuels me with energy. I’m a natural procrastinator hence a little bit of body movement keeps me active and productive for most part of the day. 

#4 Read something inspiring – I don’t watch the news or read the news early morning. Instead I pick up a good book or read some articles online that are related to my work or personal development. If you like to stay updated and like to watch the news, I highly recommend that you schedule it for a later time during the day. 

#5 Breakfast – It’s a battle. To make and eat breakfast. To take time for it and eat it. I know. I’ve skipped it several times back in the day. But today I consider breakfast as a little me time. I don’t talk much to anybody and try to eat mindfully. This has helped me a great deal to stay not only calm and balanced but also increased my productivity. Plus its a great way to experience Self-love. 

This is something I’ve been practicing since a really long time. My days end up being so much more organized and productive. Of course, there are days when it doesn’t always go as planned but I somehow manage to stay motivated. 

The key is to do the activities that are tailored according to your time. But if you’d like to get started you can feel free to choose my routine too and once you feel more settled in try and customize it according to you. 


I hope this article helps you get a productive start to the day. If you’re looking for further assistance, you can apply for my coaching program that will teach you how to stay productive without beating yourself up for it. 

If you liked this article feel free to share it socially, with your friends and loved ones.

Email me if it helped you in anyway. 

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