• Nikita Vyas

A visualization exercise for mind, body & Soul Cleansing

I couldn’t get those feelings and words away from my mind. They were on a loop and I could see myself slip into such a gloomy world. Nothing was like before. All the happiness felt sucked away from me, my surrounding, my body, my life, my work. All the things that gave me joy, suddenly seemed meaningless and I wanted to disappear from my life.

I knew what I was feeling and I was really shocked too because I was mindful, I was consistent with work and my well-being and I had no idea what triggered this dimension of gloom that I was just sucked into. Especially given that my life was going well, no obstacles or distractions. I needed answers and I wanted this feeling to leave me.

Can you relate?

Is it just me or have you also felt this at some point in your life?

I had several tools at my disposal and I was using all of them. They seemed to work but I could still feel that stench of unhappiness on me. I’d started to be so hard on myself in trying to get rid of it that I didn’t realize when and how I’d started to be harsh on everyone around me.

Soon enough, I found myself meditating on my problem but naturally couldn’t! So, I tried a small little visualization technique that I use with my clients.

It also happens to be one of my favourite visualization techniques.

But before I tell you about his technique, I’d like to tell you why I decided to do it.

Sometimes, in our search for a well-balanced life, especially when we live in a society full of people with different thought patterns and ideas and beliefs, we tend to get influenced by our environment. That influence can sometimes trigger the stressors within us. It’s extremely common. Sometimes it’s the influence from our past that still lurks around and sometimes that fear or worry of future that causes so much discomfort.

Usually it’s wise to know what causes the discomfort, understand the root cause and work on it, but sometimes all you need is a good cleanse! The kind of cleanse that will leave you rejuvenated and recharged and calm.

The need for cleanse is best when you don’t want to or need to delve into the problem but distance yourself from it. The focus is not on the situation but the what you feel – your emotions and thoughts.

If you ever face (read: Facing) a time when you don’t really want to feel balanced and calmer this technique can be extremely beneficial. It’s simple and easy to apply.

You Ready?

On a journal page, write how you currently feel before getting started. You can even rate your distress and feeling on a scale of 1-10 (10 being most heavy). Write what do you wish to accomplish from this visualization.

Let’s get Started.

“Sit on a chair/couch or the edge of your bed with your feet placed firmly on the ground. Try to keep your back straight but not so much that it hurts (if you have back pain, lean back and take support, while keeping your feet firmly on the ground). Close your eyes gently and take 3 deep breaths very slowly and gently. Ease your shoulders, your neck, eyes and forehead. Return to normal breathing while keeping your eyes closed. Be sure to go slow and gently throughout the process. As your start to feel comfortable with the breath work, imagine a waterfall or the rain. Listen to the drops of waters falling on the ground, try to imagine the smell of water.