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Annapoorna Rajkumar

I’m Annapoorna Reddy and this is my dream story. I am a tarot card reader and interior designer. I had a passion for arts and creative work always, my father being a builder I wanted to design and beautify the spaces people live in.

I always believed in tarot and astrology a lot from my childhood. I had a curiosity to learn the subject.

When I was in college I learnt tarot reading from my friend. I was extremely fascinated with the way the cards answered my questions. That’s when I decided to get in depth of tarot reading. I practiced a lot.

Always being the protected kid I didn’t have enough exposure to go out and see places or basically I can say I had no connection to the outside world which really made me loose self confidence in a way.

But I never gave up I kept trying to reach out to people in some way and help them. Whatever fee I earn through tarot is given to charity for a good cause.

At first I used to read only for family members and friends. As things started happening more and more offers flooded my way.

Now I’m a successful tarot reader and my dream came true I’ve been reading tarot from past 9 years. It’s been a great experience, all thanks to my family support. Now I even do readings for a popular magazine.

Thank you so much tarot for making me stand tall with pride. I would just like to say start dreaming and never stop dreaming. For dreams are meant to come true with hard work and sincerity.

It doesn’t matter whether your work is small or big. The way you stand tall among everyone and shine bright in future matters. Today my tarot is helping thousands of people and for a cause too.

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