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Are you Appreciating yourself enough? 3 Questions to ask yourself

I reached at a phase in my life where I needed to re-evaluate my work, in my choices and my life. I started to go through some of the old gratitude entries that always reminded me of how far I’d come and how I felt. It would always make me feel so special to be alive. But this time was different. I felt this weird knot in my stomach as I read my journals. I noticed that all the entries were really special and important but they were all about situations, people, life but not enough about Me. I had not appreciated myself as much as I’d appreciated other things in my life.

I wondered.

Have I taken myself for granted?

Am I not that Important to myself anymore? – Yes!

That’s what my inner voice replied almost immediately. I felt my entire body go numb.

One of the reasons I truly believe we lack the confidence to go after what we want is because we don’t appreciate ourselves enough. We’ve started to take ourselves for granted. Sometimes we don’t feel as if we deserve the need to appreciate ourselves. I mean, why bother right?

In my opinion, the more you praise and appreciate yourself the more alive you feel.

You are at the center of your life and everything that happens around you. If you don’t appreciate yourself and praise yourself enough, no one else is really going to, not in a way that really matters.

Pause for a moment and try to appreciate yourself for something right now.

  • Could you do it?

  • Did it feel weird?

  • Did it feel right/good?

When was the last time you got upset over not appreciating yourself? – Remember?

Now, when was the time you got upset over someone else not appreciating you? (Hmm...Guilty)

You see? That’s what I mean.

The problem is that we don’t prioritize well. It’s always others first and then when we have enough space and energy, we squeeze ourselves in but just for a little while and there’s never enough space.

I’ve talked to enough women, business owners, mom’s, women in their dream jobs, women in love, who’ve reached out to me feeling so exhausted and feeling unimportant and sometimes feeling lonely too despite having a gazillion people around who love them.

The problem isn’t that they needed more, they needed a little less. A little less approval of others, a little less approval trying to make others happy and every once in a while, (or as often as you can) appreciate yourself for all the work, the effort and the love.

If you’d like to appreciate yourself a little more, ask yourself these questions –

1. What do I need right now?

2. What do I love most about me?

3. How can I get a little more time just for myself?

Journal these and try to work with the answers you get.

The trick is we’ve known the answer all along but just sometimes we need a comforting voice from within to give us the permission we’d ordinarily never give ourselves.

Hope this helps you appreciate yourself a little more than you already are and this helps you feel good about yourself.

Thank you for reading. If this article helps you like it and share it with anyone who doesn’t appreciate themselves enough.

If you’d like to feel more appreciative of yourself or overcome self-doubt I’d love to work with you.

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