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As a highly sensitive person, how to Fight the battles that matter and let go of what doesn’t?

I remember wanting to scream and yell. But I couldn’t move. This conflict that I had to deal with was a real energy sucker. Even though I was crying and even though every bone in my body felt as if it was on fire, I remember practicing deep breathing to cool down. It took me a while to calm down and not react.

I’m not very fond of conflicts but it doesn’t stop me from getting angry or upset or really anxious too. Each conflict, no matter how frivolous it may be, would really upset me. I’d look at other people, usually calm and composed and not really taking life so seriously and wonder if something was truly wrong with me.

Introvert, Highly sensitive

I’m a serious person by nature. Being a highly sensitive introvert, overthinking usually would add as a catalyst to all or most of my problems. It was simply impossible for me to shrug away all my problems. Each problem in my life was important and each problem in my life needed my attention. I didn’t know how to just let go of these problems easily. Even though I was dealing with them, it was always so exhausting. It was emotionally draining me and the amount of pain that I had to go through was equally disturbing.

When I’d try to discuss this with people, I realized it wasn’t as big a deal to them the way it was for me. That further saddened me. Slowly I started feeling as though something was terribly wrong with me.

Introversion wasn’t a topic that was always acknowledged or talked about. It was still very much just a chapter and topic a in psychology but never really truly understood. I was getting a little sick of being told things like, “You’ve got to be tough” or “You’re too sensitive, the world has no place for it.” Or “No one really wants to be close to someone who is so sensitive.”

These statements would make me so unhappy.

Why and how can the world not care about people who care so much?

I wasn’t ready to change my core self but only a few traits that were really stressing me out. After consciously working on them I realized I could still care and not feel affected by it all the time.

I took out a notebook and started asking myself these questions.

1. What are your trigger points, physically and emotionally?

2. How can you instantly calm yourself or relax during a tense time?

3. What are the battles in your life that are worth fighting for?

Each question felt quite burdensome to write or ponder upon but I eventually got to it.

  1. Knowing how my body tends to react in a stressful situation helped me focus on those areas anytime I felt as if I was in a battle mode.

  2. Instead of reacting way too soon or taking things way too personally, the techniques I used to calm myself retained my emotional energy.

  3. A Winner really. It helped to prioritize the issues that were really important the issues that were not necessarily important but bugged me non-stop. Prioritizing helped taking away the guilt that I usually have when I’d put a disturbing thought away.

If you’re someone who tends to live with the burden of the world, these questions can really help let go of some load.

As a highly sensitive person I get where you’re coming from and your need to fight all your battles but you don’t necessarily need to. Not everything and everyone is worthy of your attention.

Affirmation to help with your mindset – “I'm aware of what's worth my attention and Let Go of the problems that aren't important to Me”

I hope this article helps you introspect further. If it does help, do let me know in what way.

If you'd like to delve deeper, take a look at the SERVICES I offer and let's work together.

Thank you for stopping by!


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