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Delaying tasks for tomorrow? Ask yourself these 3 questions

A lot of times we attribute our delay in tasks and action due to laziness. We keep putting it off and call it laziness. I’ve heard people casually say, “I’m just lazy, nothing else.” Each time someone uses this reason it makes me realize how little people know about laziness, procrastination and the real reason we keep putting it off for tomorrow.


I’ve this free productivity strategy session where I’ve been talking to people about strategically planning their routine and I must’ve heard this reason so many times.

I’ve heard people say, “Oh I want to but, I’m just not sure right now” or “I think this’ll work but I can’t make time for it right now, too much on my plate” or “I’m just not able to organize my schedule, once I do, I’ll book the session.”

You know it’s like saying, “Once I lose weight, I’ll get my ass to the gym!” That never happens, does

So why do we say this? Why do we come up with excuses for our tasks?

To answer this question, I want you to ask yourself 3 Questions –

  1. Is this (task/activity) a priority?

  2. What about this (task/activity) is scaring me?

  3. Is this (task/activity) expecting too much from me?

Believe it or not, I’ve asked my clients these questions many times and each time they’ve answered these questions, they’ve gained a lot of insight in their situation.

I’ve heard most women say,

  • “Oh yea, this task requires me to put in a lot of effort. I think the effort is making me delay the task.”

  • “This doesn’t seem like the immediate priority, but I can spend a little while on it.”

  • “I’m scared that I won’t be able to keep up once I start this! So, I’m delaying it”

  • “I don’t have all the resources I need to start this, so I think it’s better to wait!”

  • “I don’t have a lot of support or encouragement.”

….and plenty more!

I agree these are all extremely valid answers and I know how each answer has its own foundation and importance but these reasons later on tend to become excuses. There’re always going to be some hiccups on the way but it’s important to at last identify them and look at them instead of being totally ignorant and oblivious toward them.

So, if you’ve been putting off a task or activity ask yourself these 3 questions and give yourself the honest answers. Once you do so, you’ll know which actionable steps to take further.

Don't wait any longer than you've already been waiting. Get started today! Now!

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