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Gauri Tripathi Jaiswal


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Hello! I am Gauri Tripathi Jaiswal, simply love life and deeply fascinated by various cultures and stories, I have been a seeker and still I am. I draw my artistic inspirations from everything I see or feel around me. Being an independent artist is a roller-coaster ride. There are some days which can be challenging and fun as well but the learning is constant. It comes with the freedom to experiment, freedom to explore and even the freedom to fail, which gives me complete happiness at the end of the day.

I’ve lived and worked all my life in Delhi. Goa is second home and currently I’m based in Bangalore.

Formally specialised in applied arts from New Delhi. And ex-art director of Cosmopolitan magazine (India) and ex-creative consultant at Lowe Lintas Group. In all, I have ten-odd years of experience in the advertising and publication industry, straddling a range of genres—from magazine and book design to brand creative and collaterals.

I quit maddening chaos of corporate world to chase beautiful chaos! And let myself silently drawn towards what I really loved and what I wanted to do. In my heart, I knew what I wanted, and I just followed my heart.

So far it has been a wonderful journey.

As an independent artist, I’m focused on home-décor collections, collaborations and commissioned projects. All of these come together in the entity, I’m in the process of giving shape to – MuseART. Conceptualised as a design and bespoke art space, where love and passion for all things beautiful are the source of artistic musings and creations. At MuseART, you will find exquisite handcrafted décor accessories and furniture pieces that are hand-painted, designed and decoupaged to make your home that much more special.

Being a fan of Rumi, I strongly believe in his words “Don’t be satisfied with stories, how things have gone with others. Unfold your own myth.”

When a dream is fulfilled, it is always a glorious feeling. So, find what you love and let it nourish your soul.

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