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Let go of distraction and focus on what matters

Have you ever wondered why even after so much hard work you don’t achieve the results that you desire? It’s a different story when you aren’t doing anything at all to achieve these results. But what about the times you work long hours and still don’t get the results? Constantly working and investing all that energy is such a pressure on not just the mind but also the body and somewhere because we’re emotionally invested it affects our emotions too.

It’s not uncommon for people to tell me how they’re constantly working to achieve their results. I’ve worked with women who’ve work long hours and tirelessly towards their work and business, including me. But here’s where I think most of us make a tiny mistake.

We get obsessed and that becomes our biggest distraction.

Sometimes this obsession drives us to go beyond our working capacity to achieve the tasks. Because we’re obsessively thinking about the work our focus slowly shifts from the work and the process to the outcome. It can be very difficult to separate ourselves consciously from our thoughts about the outcome that we’ve hoped for or imagined.

Our focus is our biggest motivator but if we don’t consciously align ourselves with it, there’s a possibility that it can set us back.

This is something I ask my clients to work on when focus is concerned just so we don’t get distracted.

These journal prompts have helped me each time I feel as if I’m overworking myself or feel as if my hard work is not getting me the results I want.

1 – Where are you investing all your energy currently?

It’s not about working its about understanding what are you really working on. Your goals, mindset and working capacity need to correlate to help you get the results you’ve wanted. If you’re working but somehow focus on your mindset that you’re no good, odds are your feeling of self-doubt will grow and your hard work won’t pay off.

If you’re working hard on something which you maybe good at or having fun but it won’t take you to the desired result instead of working on what really matters, it won’t help you achieve the results either. Your focus heavily depends on your energy.

2 – How can you unwind and relax your worried mind?

Focus and non-stop work is without a doubt very stressful and wears you out fast. Distractions and loss of focus tend to add on to worry and constant thoughts that feed your self-doubt. It’s important to take a day or two off from your work. If you can, reserve a few moments in the day just for yourself, without thinking about your work. Sometimes a few simple ways can really help you navigate your thoughts of worry – talking to a friend, eating your favourite meal, long walks/drive, even long baths count, provided you don’t worry.

3 – What tasks/activities make you happy? How often should you do them?

This is something I follow and advice, if you’re really worried and upset or feel as if you’re distracted take a break and do something that makes you happy. If it’s away from technology the better but that’s up to you. Choose something that makes you happy and something you’d do more often. The happier you are the less worried your mind becomes and you easily redirect your focus on what really matters.

Needless to say, this process takes time, patience and repetition. Journaling only once won’t help. You’ll need to work on this as many times as you can.

The thing about focus is that it’s shadowed by distraction. It will follow you every time and unexpectedly. It’s smart to always stay in check every time.


I hope this article helps you redirect your focus and let go of distractions on some way. I hope you take the time out to work on the journal prompts.

If you’re ready to invest in improving your focus, navigating stress and achieving your goals I’d love to work with you. Take a look at one of my services and reach out to me for the same.

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